2 Groups of Migrants Arrive Ashore in South Florida from Cuba

Border Patrol agents along with state, federal and local law enforcement partners responded to a migrant landing in Golden Beach Sunday afternoon.

Six migrants from Cuba swam to shore after their vessel capsized near the shoreline around 9:00 a.m.

According to Border Patrol, the migrants reportedly spent over a week at sea. They were taken into federal custody and will be processed for removal proceedings.

“Our agents along with state, federal, and local law enforcement partners arrived quickly on scene and conducted a medical screening of the migrants,” authorities said. “Fortunately, there were no injuries associated with this event. We urge migrants to not risk their lives by attempting these dangerous voyages.” 

Another group of 10 Cuban migrants was taken into custody after arriving Sunday morning near the Sunshine Key Resort in Big Pine Key on a homemade vessel, authorities said.

10 Cuban migrants arrived in South Florida Sunday morning.

Authorities said there were no injuries reported at the scene, despite the vessel being in poor condition.

The migrants will be processed for removal proceedings and turned over to ICE-ERO custody.