3 in hotel room with cop-shooting suspect busted on unrelated charges

When police finally cornered the 19-year-old suspected of shooting two Miami-Dade cops on Monday night, they found three others in the hotel room with him — two women who quickly agreed to stay in the hallway and another man hiding under the covers.

All three would eventually be arrested on charges including drug possession, grand theft and a bench warrant — charges unrelated to Monday night’s “ambush” style shooting of Miami-Dade police detectives Terence White and Charles Woods that police have blamed on Damian Thompson.

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Thompson, a suspected Brownsville gang member, is accused of using a semi-automatic weapon to shoot up the Dodge Caravan that Woods and White drove into the Annie Coleman projects as they investigated drug and gun sales. Both officers were struck, but suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

The shooting led to a massive manhunt and a lengthy door-to-door search at Annie Coleman and in the surrounding area until Thompson’s capture at the airport Hyatt hotel Monday morning.

Thompson was charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder. Police said they were led to the third floor of the hotel by a tip.

According to Thompson’s arrest affidavit, it was 9:27 a.m. Tuesday when police in full protective gear knocked on Room 328. Two women opened the door. When police asked them to come outside, “they voluntarily agreed and were detained in the hallway,” police said.

Once inside the room, police said they spotted Thompson under the covers in one bed and Jamal Daniels, 25, in another bed.

Daniels “woke up, raised his hands up in the air” and asked the police if he could leave the room, the report claims. He was placed in the hallway. After a confrontation between police and Thompson, police whisked away the trio that were found in the hotel room with him.

Daniels was charged with grand theft, defrauding an innkeeper, credit card fraud and possession of suspected crystal meth. Mikequesha Simmons, 22, was arrested and charged with drug possession and possession of marijuana. And Jessica Pierre, 22, was taken into custody because of an outstanding bench warrant.