3 Teens Charged as Adults in Coconut Creek Walmart Murder

Three teens charged in the murder of a man found dead in the parking lot of a Coconut Creek Walmart in October will all be charged as adults in the killing.

Indictments filed last week charged Jermaine Atterbury, Dominic Soto and Jason Prendergast Jr. with first-degree murder in the killing of 56-year-old Michael Robin Griffin.

Atterbury, 18, was already charged as adult but now Soto, 16, and Prendergast, who turned 18 on Thursday, are also charged as adults.

Griffin, of Coconut Creek, was found shot to death in the parking lot of the Walmart in the 5500 block of Hillsboro Boulevard on Oct. 12. Coconut Creek Police said Griffin was there to pick up medicine when he was approached by Prendergast, who shot him during at attempted robbery.

Police Investigate 1st Murder of 2018 in Coconut Creek

[MI] Police Investigate 1st Murder of 2018 in Coconut Creek

The shooting was the first homicide in Coconut Creek in 2018, police said.

All of the teens remained behind bars without bond Monday, jail records showed.