5 Arrested For Drugs, Weapon Inside Hollywood Apartments

An undercover investigation led to the arrests of five people inside a Hollywood apartment complex after they were busted with drugs and a stolen gun – just feet from an area school.

Officers from several different Hollywood Police units took the five people into custody last Thursday at the complex located near North 28th Avenue and Pierce Street following the four month investigation.

The operation nabbed over 20 grams of cocaine, nearly 400 grams of marijuana and a variety of pills – along with a stolen candle found by detectives during their search.

Residents of one apartment – 43 year old Jecksan Vega, 29-year-old Heather Salogga and 23-year-old Avenack Etienne – were arrested on a charge of possessing of cocaine within 1,000 feet of a school while Vega was also charged with grand theft of a firearm.

Two people in the other apartment, 32-year-old Richard Joseph and 25-year-old Davante Houston, were also arrested on drug charges that included trafficking oxycodone and cocaine.