A 15-year-old boy says school custodian molested him

As an assistant coach of various athletic teams and sometime field-trip chaperone at Coral Springs Middle School, Robert Grant knew a number of the students. As a custodian, he could get into the school at any time.

And a 15-year-old boy says Grant used those advantages to molest him Saturday at the school. While Grant did this, the boy said, he gave stretching directions like a personal trainer to someone over a phone headset.

Grant’s in Broward County Main Jail on 10 counts of lewd and lascivious molestation by an adult of a victim between 12 and 16 and one count of sexual battery by a custodial adult. His bond is $100,000.

Grant, according to his probable cause affidavit, admits what school surveillance cameras already confirm — he and the boy were in the school on Saturday together. But Grant denies any sexual encounter with the boy, whom he used to coach in flag football and still trained.

The boy told police Grant had been a trusted mentor and close with the boy and his mother for over a year. But over the summer, the boy said, at least 10 times while checking on an injury near the groin area, Grant would put his hands inside the boy’s pants and give his testicles a few-seconds grope.

Still, he wasn’t prepared for what he said happened Saturday.

Grant took the teenager to Coral Springs Middle School, supposedly to work on algebra homework. Which they did as the boy said he realized he and Grant were alone in the school. After algebra, they went to the gym, where Grant told the boy to lie down so he could stretch the teenager. Both Grant and the boy say the stretching was entirely Grant’s idea.

What was also Grant’s idea, the boy said, was stopping in the middle of a hamstring stretch to yank the boy’s shorts and underwear down. The accusation says Grant then molested the boy with 20 seconds of forced fellatio alternating with manual masturbation of the boy’s penis. The boy said Grant kept this rhythm by synchronizing it with the stretching direction he was giving someone else over the headset.

“(The boy) froze and was scared to say anything because he did not know what Grant would do next,” the probable cause affidavit reads. “(The boy) was in fear Grant would try to kidnap him if he tried to stop Grant.”