A dog was drowning in a canal. Body-cam footage shows the rescue.

A frantic call came in to 911 reporting that a dog was drowning in a backyard canal.

Within minutes, Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies found themselves hopping a fence, pushing through brush and, in one case, jumping in to save the “tired and scared” German shepherd.

Body cam footage of the rescue was released Monday afternoon.

“We saw the dog was in serious distress and needed our help,” said Sgt. Thomas Watkins.

After the dog was brought to shore, deputies learned the pup belonged to a fellow deputy and was named Shasta.

“Her belonging to a deputy was just an added bonus,” Watkins said.

The call came in just before 8 a.m. Monday to report that the dog was struggling to stay afloat in a canal near the 6400 block of Southwest Seventh Court in North Lauderdale.

As soon as BSO deputies stationed at the North Lauderdale District office heard the call they took off — some even grabbing long poles made for catching animals.

“We all love dogs,” Watkins said.

When the arrived, they spent several minutes trying to figure out how to get to the canal, which was behind the homes. They ended up hopping a fence and scaling the bank.

Deputy Josh Stambaugh can be seen in the video getting to the water to help the tired dog climb to safety.

Watkins said it took a while, but the dog “came around.”

“I’ll never forget that scared, tired look in her eyes,” he said. “She needed help and we helped her.”