A fourth-grade teacher pleads guilty to being the kind of snitch drug dealers like.

A Broward County Public Schools teacher admitted in federal court Tuesday she told a drug dealer about the multi-agency investigation targeting him and about the informant inside his operation.

Porsha Session, 31, did so in pleading guilty to one count of obstructing an official proceeding before U.S. Magistrate Judge David Lee Brannon in West Palm Beach.

A Sun-Sentinel report says BCPS e-mailed that there’s been “no change in her status,” which was the same thing BCPS e-mailed The Miami Herald after Session’s indictment in February. As a result, she’s been allowed to remain as a fourth-grade teacher at Deerfield Beach Elementary School while under indictment.

Session leaked about the drug dealer’s leak during The Lauderhill Investigation in March and April 2013, according to the stipulation of facts.

The Lauderhill Investigation involved Lauderhill Police Department, the DEA, the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies investigating targets D.W. and O.T., their initials. Homeland Security had a confidential informant inside D.W. and O.T.’s operation. Among the law-enforcement personnel who received the information from the inside was a Lauderhill detective related to Session.

And, among that information, emailed to law emforcement in February and March 2013, was D.W.’s phone number, phone usage, how often his car was driven, who drove it and how the pickup would be executed for some shipments. Some shipments would be sent overnight and someone would pick them up using a fake identification. The informant said O.T.’s lack of a fake ID prevented the pickup of a shipment.


Session, then a fifth-grade teacher at Cypress Elementary School in Pompano Beach, learned all of the above, according to court records. She borrowed a cell phone from another teacher to warn D.W. that government eyes were watching. D.W. grew suspicious — of Session. He asked who she was and why was she calling him? He hung up.

She called again. D.W. hung up after 30 seconds. He called her back and put her on speakerphone so a crony could listen with him. Session spilled all she knew, including that someone close to D.W. was talking. To prove it, she told him details about the shipment that O.T. didn’t pick up.

D.W. called his partners in crime to tell them they had a mole and it was someone close to them. He told them all Session told him. The informant heard the phone call. When he told the investigative team, police decided to pull the informant out of the situation and out of Broward County for his own safety.