A Tinder date from hell? Florida stalker made life miserable for a woman, cops say

An Islamorada man was arrested on an aggravated stalking charge after Monroe County sheriff’s detectives say he harassed a woman physically, on the phone and online for almost a year.

The woman told detectives the situation became so difficult that she moved to Maine. While there, the man, Noah Armstrong, 21, sent her a direct message on Facebook stating, “Maybe I’ll go there and [expletive] murder you. I have your address,” Detective Lissette Quintero wrote in her report.

Police also viewed several text messages Armstrong sent to the woman, one of which he stated he was “gonna put a bullet in your head,” according to Quintero’s report.

Armstrong was arrested Wednesday on a warrant and booked into Plantation Key county jail on $10,000 bond.

The woman moved back to the Keys in November and began dating a man, and moved in with him in Marathon. Armstrong found their address and confronted the couple the night of Dec. 1 outside their apartment complex at Coco Plum Drive.

Several witnesses told police that Armstrong physically assaulted the woman and snatched a baseball cap off her head, Quintero stated in her report.

Armstrong also yelled several times at the couple that he was going to kill them, according to the arrest affidavit.

While deputies interviewed the woman following the confrontation, she received several phone calls from a blocked number. She answered the phone on speaker in front of deputies and the male voice on the other line answered to “Noah.” She told him to stop calling, but the phone rang several more times, according to Quintero.

The woman told detectives that Armstrong began showing up at her job at Playa Largo, a hotel, mile marker 97.4 bayside, around February. Management repeatedly told him to stop coming, and the women eventually lost her job due to Armstrong continuing to show up there, she told Quintero.

On July 1, the woman was at Hogg Heaven, an ocean side bar at mile marker 85.3, with co-workers, when Armstrong showed up and caused a scene. He confronted several of her colleagues, accusing them of sleeping with her, and pulled her out of her car when she attempted to leave, according to Quintero’s report.

The woman told detectives she met Armstrong in December 2017 on the dating app Tinder. She admitted to dating him but “Noah thought they were more of a couple than she did,” Quintero wrote.

Not too long after they met, Armstrong began becoming controlling and pestering her about where she was and who she was with.

The woman “eventually told Noah that she wanted nothing more to do with him and whatever they had was over,” Qutintero wrote.