AC Rust Leads Man to NBC 6 Responds

Mark Pilling was checking his air filter when he noticed some unusual spots. Initially, he didn’t know what they were, but then he took a closer look.

“I realized it was rust,” Pilling said. “I stuck my head under the unit and saw one of the walls was full of rust.”

He snapped pictures showing part of the inside of his Rheem air conditioning unit was rusting.

“I was concerned about how the unit was going to function going forward because it was only seven years into the unit in a 10-year warranty,” he said.

Paid With a Bad Check

[MI] Paid With a Bad Check

That warranty, he thought, would cover the rust so he contacted Rheem but was told otherwise.

“She said rust is not covered, it’s considered an environmental issue,” he said, adding he was surprised. “You’d think these units would be built … knowing that condensation would be on an inside unit.”

The contractor who installed the unit in 2009 told NBC 6 it is common to see rust inside AC units, but not normal for pieces of rust to fall off of a unit. Mark said he had his previous Rheem air conditioner for 20 years and never saw anything like this.

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“I never pulled out my AC filter and had rust sitting in the filter,” he said. “I think I’d like to see Rheem take responsibility for this issue and maybe correct it.”

After our team contacted Rheem, Mark said they sent a representative to his house to check out the unit. He said the company decided to provide – for free – a new evaporator coil and cover $300 of labor costs. Rheem told NBC 6 in a statement: “After reviewing our correspondence with Mr. Pilling, we realized that we did not properly address his concern when he spoke with our team members in June. At Rheem, our customers’ comfort is always our top priority, and we want to make sure that Mr. Pilling’s unit delivers on our objective. That’s why we are fully resolving his service issue at this time.”

The new part should arrive within weeks, Mark said. He is thankful for the resolution and glad to put this behind him.

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