After getting hate for evacuating Irma in a private jet, ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ star back home

Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful — and in the 1 percent.

Before Hurricane Irma made her way to Florida, former Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein made an egregious mistake of posting a picture of herself, her plastic surgeon husband Lenny Hochstein, toddler son Logan and two dogs outside a private jet getting out of Dodge.

The family was evacuating ahead of a Cat 5. We get it. So were 3 million other unfortunate souls.

But the Internet was quick to point out that the photo was smug.

Hochstein, who helps her hubby run a medspa, must not have read about how much heat Louise Linton got last month. That’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s wife. The couple used a government plane to travel to Kentucky, and on top of that, the actress posted a photo that was widely derided for her use of designer hashtags. The Treasury Department is now being SUED for that fancy little trip, but that’s another story.

Translation: Stop gloating about your wealth, ladies! No one cares! And on top of that, most of us South Floridians are suffering, without water, power or any of our creature comforts. Some are without HOMES.

After receiving major heat from local VIPs — including former costar Joanna Krupa — Hochstein deleted the original post. You can see it on various entertainment websites that were quicker than we were (hey, you know why).

The Hochsteins came back home Tuesday. Their mode of transportation is unclear and no photo heralding their arrival was posted.

To be fair, the native Canadian seemed sincere and now wants to give back.

“We’re so happy to return to Miami a city that has given us so much and that we are proud to call home. We will be making a donation to the United Way of Miami to aid in hurricane relief and encourage our family and friends to as well.”