Another stretch of cold weather is on the way. Are you ready for the 50s, Miami?

Miami is in for another invigorating cool down as a stretch of gorgeous New Year’s weather continues.

Temperatures are forecast to dip to 54 degrees Wednesday night and remain below 80 degrees until Sunday with only a slight chance of rain through the weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

Sunny, breezy days are on the horizon.

It’s an ideal time to get outdoors, whether you’re a local or a tourist, whether you’re headed to the beach or training for the Jan. 27 Miami Marathon and Half Marathon.

“Models continue to indicate a fairly quiet weather week, even with a couple cold fronts set to move through the region mid week,” the weather service said. “This would usher in much cooler and drier weather for Wednesday night.”

After a high of 69 on Thursday, temperatures will drop to 59 by Thursday night, then ascend into the mid-70s on Friday and Saturday, accompanied by winds out of the East at 10 mph and a 20 percent chance of showers, according to the forecast.

For boaters, the cold front will bring a shift to northwest and northerly winds, “and an increase in wind speeds, to around 20 knots in the Gulf waters,” NWS reports. “Also, the northerly component of the wind, which is in opposition to the Gulfstream in the Atlantic, will cause seas to build to around 6 feet on Thursday.

“The fronts will also bring a colder air mass to the region, with air temperatures in the 50s and 60s over marine areas by Thursday morning.”

The normal maximum temperature for Jan. 8 is 76, with a record high of 86 for the date recorded in 1990, and the normal minimum is 60, with a record low of 36 recorded in 1903.

The average relative humidity for early January is 74 percent but it was quite humid Monday at 93 percent. Expect that to fall significantly Wednesday evening as winds accelerate to 13 mph.

And get out those sweaters and scarves and boots you’ve been itching to wear. Prepare the hot chocolate and churros. Buy some firewood.

Don’t delay. Take advantage. South Florida’s version of winter is here but it is like the cool kiss of a fleeting temptress on the skin.

Meanwhile, in New York City, the forecast calls for a low of 22 degrees on Friday with possible snow showers on Sunday.