Anti-Terror Barriers Installed on Lincoln Road

Miami Beach installed new barriers along the entrance of Lincoln Road pedestrian mall and Alton Road.

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine said the barriers will eventually be replaced with something permanent and aesthetically pleasing.

The pedestrian-heavy mall was seen as vulnerable to car or truck attacks that have been reported across Europe, most recently in Barcelona, and in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales shared his thoughts on the safety efforts.

“We have major events on Lincoln Road like Halloween…New Years Eve, and I think folks will feel more comfortable,” Morales said. “The World is changing, unfortunately, and I think we need to be prepared.”

But some tourists are not fans of the latest addition to Lincoln Road.

“I think there are other ways you could create safety precautions for people that may be outside of just building a wall,” Amyr Gorge said.

The barriers will be replaced with permanent barricade when Lincoln Road endures its beautification project.