Art of Black Miami Podcast 2022 Episode 1 Addonis Parker

Addonis Parker is known for portrait painting, murals and collages. Deeply inspired by artists Charles White and Ernie Barnes, he shares their commitment to address social issues and inspire a sense of pride through representations of Black Americans. He has mentored youth through after-school and community based art programs for decades. A notable 2015 project engaged teenagers in his process of creating a mural for Miami’s OneUnited Bank.

For Miami Art Week 2021, the French Consulate in Miami commissioned Parker to paint a portrait of American-born French entertainer and activist Josephine Baker. He chose that moment for his first foray into digital art, learning how to produce NFTs, non-fungible tokens, to portray the legendary performer. Parker has been involved for years in preserving local art history through the restoration of public art projects across the city. His next project is a public art commission to design and produce a mural for and about the community of Liberty City.

Host: Rosie Gordon-Wallace
Producer: Fresh Art International | Sound Design/Editing: Anamnesis Audio

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