Aruba Beach Cafe SUCKS

Aruba Beach Cafe SUCKS

1 Star out of 5

Review by Dr. Sol Adoni founder of 1 Media

Aruba Beach Cafe is owned by Aruba Bay Inc. Peter Beck is the owner. He used to like being called Peter Goldhahn. I guess he thought Gold Finger wasn’t good enough so he used Gold Hand.

Now years ago Peter Beck aka Peter Goldhahn (Gold hand) was involved in a major fire in an Oceanside condo in Lauderdale by the Sea due to allegedly Peter Beck and a female were free basing cocaine in his penthouse.

The fire put lots of seniors in the hospital.

Here is the Sun Sentinel reporting that the female involved in the incident told paramedics that she AND PETER BECK were FREE BASING COCAINE when the fire started.

That was a long time ago, when numerous slimy owners of local clubs in Fort Lauderdale were often in the paper back then, like the infamous Michael J Peter of Solid Gold and Pure Platinum and his legal problems. He ended up doing some time in a Federal Prison. Then we have the infamous Peter Beck aka Peter Goldhahn the owner of Aruba  Beach Cafe who has owned over the years numerous SFL hotspots including Yesterday’s and a man who some claim was a wanna be gangster and who was rumored to be connected to DRUGS due to that infamous night when his Penthouse caught fire due to allegedly FREE BASING COCAINE. I guess Peter Beck’s connections or dough made the Free Basing Cocaine Fire he was involved with just disappear.

Well the 1980’s and 90’s are over and now almost every night when I’m in town, I stop in Aruba Beach Cafe at the beach, since it’s next to where I smoke a cigar nightly in the Pavilion at LBTS (Lauderdale by the Sea) while I watch the ocean and often see the moon rise.

I can walk to the beach where Aruba Beach Cafe is from my home. I had a place in this area when Peter Beck had his 15 minutes of fame when his Penthouse burned down, and now I’m back living in the area after raising my children out west in the Coral Springs and Parkland area. They’re grown now, so I can live like I did years ago, a single person near the beach.

I used to drive and valet park my car at Aruba but the clowns that park the cars messed up my car on multiple occasions.

Aruba has a great view of the ocean and the food is okay. Not great, but you put up with so-so food due to the magnificent view of the ocean from the restaurant and some of the seats at multiple bars  have ocean views.

I don’t trust the seafood at Aruba due to having to send back to the kitchen once a dozen Oysters that reeked, so I order steak usually and it’s probably the worse example of Filet Mignon in town, it’s tough as horse meat usually and not that cheap either for a bad version of Filet Mignon.  I usually eat on the patio when I eat there, as I have done dozens of times over the years. The bread with the lemon butter is probably the best thing on the menu. That’s not saying much is it.

The crowd varies. Happy hour is mostly older locals at the bar. The younger people are usually couples or kids with parents or Grand Parents. It’s not like the scum that hang out at Blue Martini, where young girls go to find old guys to sell sex to, and it’s not notorious like Blue Martini is for old guys putting drugs into young girls drinks.

I don’t drink alcohol, so I get club soda and leave nice tips.

Now for a guy that is in the place almost nightly most bartenders there know me. Most are quite pleasant and professional to me.

All that is except for one bartender named Dave who asked me to leave the bar tonight since I wasn’t ordering food. He lied and said that is the policy of Aruba to not allow anyone to site at the bar unless they are eating from the Happy Hour menu. He absolutely lied to me. There is no such policy, so I said fine. I asked for change and left my usual tip.

I said to Dave as I was leaving, that I’m there almost every night between 6pm and 7pm. There is no such policy, yet he was adamant that it was Aruba’s Happy Hour policy. I think the short haired Dave didn’t like my long hair, he was obviously discriminating against me for my long hair. Or maybe he doesn’t like people that only drink soda at a bar. Either way, he targeted me to be kicked out and that is discrimination since most at the bar were not eating anything. He singled me out and tried to embarrass me.

The worse thing about Aruba is their crappy WIFI, I use it inside Aruba during happy hour since my carrier works great outside but its a dead signal inside, maybe it’s the old tin roof.

I often write articles at the bar in Aruba on my phone for my site SOL ADONI .com, where I pontificate on important world matters like Trump trying to start World War 3. I also write songs, my last album had over 30 Million Plays on SoundCloud last year and 3 songs hit #1 on SoundCloud.

I also write books, I have authored over 100 Titles, so where ever I am, I am usually writing something.

I’m writing this article outside Aruba where I usually sit, it’s just a few minutes after the punk bartender Dave insulted me or was it discrimination, I have very long hair so maybe the short haired asshole bartender doesn’t like guys with long hair. I should sue Aruba for discrimination over this incident. Anyway, so I’m smoking my cigar and looking at one of the best views in South Florida from the Pavilion as I write this article. It’s the first article I’ve even written for 1 Fort Lauderdale, it is a minor site in my 1 MEDIA Empire.

I don’t usually write articles for my network, except for my site SOL ADONI, since I write books and music and almost a dozen of my books have become films that I produced over the years. Some of the more famous sites I founded are 247 News and 1 Underground. Now 1 MEDIA has millions of users on the huge network of 1 Brand sites such as 1 New York City and 1 London and 1 News and 1 eBooks and 1 Music and 1 Movies. The heart of 1 MEDIA is actually a huge search project called 1 SEARCH. The fact is 1 MEDIA adds 20,000 or so new articles and media from all the largest companies in the world since 1 MEDIA is the worlds largest content aggregator for large companies and major media. 1 MEDIA has a huge social media foot print since it operates hundreds of sites that are well aged and all are connected to their own social media accounts. So we move social media any time we want.

Now that I’ve been asked to leave Aruba due to a FAKE POLICY that a moron bartender gave me, I will say it loud and clear, ARUBA BEACH CAFE SUCKS.

Now if and when Aruba management FIRES that bartender for being so fucking IGNORANT TO ME maybe I’ll reconsider my opinion.

If you want a beach view to eat go to A1A south of Sunrise Blvd. since there’s a ton of spots that don’t have asshole bartenders like Dave.

If you must go to LBTS then go to Village Pump or 101 Ocean or even Vincent’s.


Until management fires Dave and gives me a huge fucking apology, that is my opinion.


Below are photos at Aruba of some of the lovely ladies I’ve eaten with at Aruba, needless to say, I will not be eating any time soon at Aruba, the view at THE W is way better anyway.


Two more ARUBA CLOWNS need to be fired managers Guy and Peggy who are in management at Aruba.

Peggy has threatened me with legal action for writing my OPINION in this article.


Sue me clown, this is MY OPINION your restaurant SUCKS and so do you.

Peter Beck as the owner of Aruba Bay Inc. you really need to hire better management Peter. Oh, that’s right he’s connected to FREE BASING COCAINE as the story in the Sun Sentinel PROVES, that fire started in his Penthouse from FREE BASING COCAINE. Are you a crack head Peter or a free baser? Is that why you let such clowns work for you?

I should be saying PETER BECK SUCKS

Hey Peter, do you remember when your Penthouse in the area caught on fire due to THE FREE BASING COCAINE BEING DONE IN YOUR CONDO, the female that was FREE BASING COCAINE that started the fire said SHE AND YOU were FREE BASING COCAINE and it was a major fire putting lots of old people in the hospital. That’s enough for me to say PETER BECK SUCKS

Hey Peter, look at how crappy your website score is, look at all the F’s the clowns got you that designed your crappy site. ARUBA BEACH CAFE SUCKS bad scores

You know Peter, years ago a pretty bright guy told me your restaurant was a money laundering front for the mob or was it drug dealers. You know today almost no one uses cash, so if you are laundering money it would be easy to prove if the feds wanted to.

So Peter, you not only need to FIRE the asshole bartender that harassed me, but the asshole managers that made the mistake of threatening me with a lawyer for voicing MY OPINION that Aruba Beach Cafe SUCKS.

Then you need to fire the clowns that got you all the F’s on your website grades for being pure crap.

Here are photos of some of the young ladies I’ve been to Aruba Beach Cafe with.

Aruba Beach Cafe Sucks
Aruba Beach Cafe Sucks
Aruba Beach Cafe Sucks
Aruba Beach Cafe Sucks
Aruba Beach Cafe Sucks
Aruba Beach Cafe Sucks
Aruba Beach Cafe Sucks
Aruba Beach Cafe Sucks
Aruba Beach Cafe Sucks
Aruba Beach Cafe Sucks

Nicer view of Ocean at THE W


Aruba Beach Cafe Sucks
Aruba Beach Cafe Sucks
Aruba Beach Cafe Sucks
Aruba Beach Cafe Sucks

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