Before she was accused of murdering her dad, Miami teen took a baseball bat to his head

Eight months before she was charged with her father’s murder, a 17-year-old South Florida girl was accused of attacking him as he slept on the couch — by hitting him in the head with a baseball bat.

According to a police report obtained by the Miami Herald, Evelio Gainza reported that he felt “two hard hits” on his head when he fell asleep inside his West Kendall town home on Feb. 10. He sat up and saw his daughter Eveline “standing over him with an aluminum bat.”

She hid in a bedroom, and then tried hitting him a third time before he confronted her. He wrestled the bat away from her. The girl left the house. However, Eveline was not charged with aggravated battery. Evelio Gainza told police he waited two days to report the incident because “he did not want his daughter arrested.”

Evelio Gainza did not give police a motive as to why his daughter attacked him with the bat. Photos included in the police incident report show Evelio Gainza’s bloodied forehead, swollen and purple from the attack.

He also told police that her boyfriend, 18-year-old Demar Turruellas, was asleep next to him on the couch. Evelio Gainza said he believed “they plotted the battery together” but did see him participate in any way.

Months later, Eveline and her boyfriend were arrested — after her 63-year-old father was discovered shot to death, his body decomposing underneath a pile of bloodied towels in an upstairs bathroom.

She and Turruellas are charged with second-degree murder in the Sept. 24 shooting.

Now charged as an adult, Eveline appeared in Miami-Dade circuit court Wednesday for a hearing. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Ellen Sue Venzer found probable cause for the murder charge, and ordered she be detained in jail before trial.

Investigators believe both Eveline and Turruellas were in on the plot to kill Evelio Gainza. But exactly why and who fired the gun remains unclear — both teens pointed the finger at each other when confronted by Miami-Dade police detectives.

In court on Wednesday, a Miami-Dade police detective also testified that Eveline admitted she was the killer to a third person.

Evelio Gainza’s decomposing corpse was discovered three days later, on Sept. 27, after officers were asked by an unidentified person to conduct a “welfare check” on the man. Officers soon found Eveline and Turrueallas driving in her father’s Mercedes.

Both have pleaded not guilty.