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New Digital Currecy Hits South FLORIDA

Tech Geeks LOVE Bitcoins. They now are worth thousands of dollars a coin. Try to find a local business that takes them. It’s impossible.

Yet in South Florida there are now dozens of local businesses where you can use BIZBYTES.

BIZBYTES are similar to Bitcoins, in that they are both new digital currencies. They have value because a group of people decide to exchange goods, services and or cash for them. Just like Fiat currencies only have value today due to people agree they have value, since currencies like the US Dollar are no longer backed by commodies like Gold or Silver.

Network miners create Bitcoins by running computers dedicated to maintaining the public ledger that tracks Bitcoin transactions from Bitcoin wallets.

BIZBYTES are created by a centralized network that operates the largest network of Business Portals in the world.

The Network is the huge 1 Media Network and their portals include:

1 Search

1 Lawyer

1 Doctor

1 Dentists

1 Mechanics

1 Contractors

A member of the 1 Media Network creates BIZBYTES by trading their goods or services with other members of the Network.

1 Bartering is the Business Portal where the BIZBYTES Network wallets exist and if you are not a business owner you cannot become a member. It is a private B2B Bartering Network and US Laws give such Networks the right to create and use a private script or voucher system to exchange goods and setvices amongst members.

There are no transaction fees if you use or accept BIZBYTES and each month members get hundreds of new BIZBYTES to spend on the Network for a monthly fee that equates to the digital currency being created at a 50% discount against the US Dollar.

So each month new BIZBYTES enter the Network where business owners then spend them on technology services like web design and SEO or on Tradesmen like Plumbers or Mechanics or on Professionals like Lawyers and Chiropractors and even on Restaurants or Florists.

We saw a demonstration of the BIZBYTES wallet and it is impressive. It has just one screen where a member sees their balance and allows them to instantly transfer BIZBYTES with 1 Button to any member in the world instantly.

Bitcoin verifications now take hours and it has fees. BIZBYTES transactions are instant and have no fees.

The monthly membership fees actually cost nothing, since members receive double the fee in BIZBYTES that can be spent at any members place of business. So the members get double value in network purchases while paying the network a small sum that allows them to use their Network wallet. Restaurants with 18% to 22% food costs can create $1,000 BIZBYTES for less than $250 in food costs, while say a Lawyer or Doctor can create $1,000 in BIZBYTES with a few hours of labor.

The creator of BIZBYTES who founded the huge 1 Media Network of Business Portals is the great genius Dr. Sol Adoni who has authored over 100 Books created new laws in math, astrophysics and in AI Computer Theory and he says the BIZBYTES concept was created in his AI Think Tank HelixQ and his AI Cloud Network maintains the B2B Network of BIZBYTES wallets . Dr. Adoni told us that while BIZBYTES will not replace Fiat currencies, it will become a Global digital currency and will soon have members from all over the world using it as they travel on business and vacations since the huge B2B Portal Network of 1 Media is using incentives to get their existing business clients to accept the new Network digital currency of 1 Media.

Dr. Adoni says, as long as 1 Media clients have faith in the benefits of the huge B2B Network of 1 Media, the digital currency will be viable, just like citizens of every nation believe in their local Fiat system members of 1 Bartering believe in their digial currency, the difference is BIZBYTES will be a Global digital currency of Businesses that use the 1 Media Portals Network.

BIZBYTES is now the Global Digital Currency of 1 Media Business clients.


1 Fort Lauderdale

Local Search & News & Reviews

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