Black Entrepreneur Talks About Shift in Business, Institutional Bias

Black business owners say they are seeing a spike in sales since the Black Lives Matter movement and protests this summer.

One entrepreneur and eco-friendly interior designer, Robin Wilson, is one of them.

“It’s our 20th anniversary year and we’ve done everything from the foundation and the furniture,” Wilson said. “When the BLM and Support Women Business and Small Business Movement happened, we got 100 clients in about two weeks, people started to vote with their wallets.”

Wilson said the momentum is slowing tapering off though. She attributes it to a number of reasons like the economy.

“I also think people forgot that we do need small business owners, women of color, we need people to support our businesses now,” she said.

Wilson detailed the institutional biases she experienced since she began in textiles 20 years ago, including being denied a line of credit. Wilson said she had to depend on family, friends and a credit card to launch.

Robin Wilson’s line is sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond. To learn more about her, you can visit her website.