Blue Bell Ice Cream Fans Upset Over Sold Out Christmas Flavor

Blue Bell Ice Cream fans have taken to social media, expressing disappointment over this year’s Christmas flavor that’s already sold out.

Blue Bell revealed this year’s “Christmas Cookies” flavor on October 23, saying on Facebook that it was available in stores now.

But by Nov. 29, on the same Facebook post, the company confirmed to customers that the Christmas Cookies Ice Cream would not be available again until next year.

“The demand for Christmas Cookies has been overwhelming, and we, unfortunately, sold out much more quickly than we anticipated. Due to timing constraints, we are unable to order additional ingredients to get the flavor back before Christmas, but we definitely have plans to make more next year,” Blue Bell said on Facebook in a comment to someone inquiring about the ice cream.

So even though we are only three days into December, looks like “Christmas Cookie” fans will have to wait until next year to get more of the sought after ice cream.