Boy Stranded After Family Vacation Without Return Ticket

It was a dream summer vacation for Rocio Dejo and her family with stops in France, Turkey and Spain.

“We were so excited,” said Dejo.

But her problems started just hours before the family was set to fly home from Barcelona.

“The agent called me and said, ‘Rocio, I’m sorry but your little son – he’s only eight years old – he doesn’t have a ticket,'” Dejo said.

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The news forced Becket’s father to stay with him in Spain for four days, while the rest of the family returned to Miami and worked to sort things out.

“All the time, you know, you are with your family, you know, all of you together and in this moment you are like oh my God, who can help me now?” said Dejo.

A bank statement Dejo provided NBC 6 Responds showed that five round-trip tickets had been purchased in April. A separate check for more than $600 was used to pay for Becket’s flights. It was made out to Fanny Rojas – the agent Rocio said booked the flights, the same person who called to tell her that her son could not fly back.

“She told me, ‘Rocio, I know that this was my fault, but don’t worry, I’m going to fix all this mess,'” Dejo said.

But those two return tickets never came. So the mother, desperate, called police, the American embassy in Spain and NBC 6 Responds.

“You are my last chance, my last opportunity, my last option to try and bring my husband and my child back,” Dejo said.

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NBC 6 Responds called Rojas, who took full responsibility for the mishap. Our team also contacted the travel agency Rojas used to book the flights. They decided to step in and help, paying about $1,800 for Becket and his father to fly home.

“In 30 minutes more, he sent me all the information about the confirmation of my son’s flight and my husband’s flight,” Dejo said, helping reunite the family in Miami.

The experience left Becket feeling a little uneasy about future travels.

“I just never want to go on that plane again,” said Becket.

Fanny Rojas told us she’s paying the travel agency back for the tickets they bought.

Rojas and the travel agency owner both declined requests for interviews.

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To avoid situations like this, you should always confirm your reservations directly with the airline. It’s the only way to make sure you and your family will be able to get to your destination and back.