Boynton Beach Police Reunite Man With Stolen Prosthetic Arm

A part of Chris Ruden, a motivational speaker and fitness enthusiast from Boynton Beach, was stolen.

Ruden’s carbon fiber Touch Bionics prosthetic arm was stolen this weekend from his truck as it was parked outside of his girlfriend’s Stonehaven Drive home.

The prosthetic featuring a black alloy hand is custom fit for Ruden and the Boyton Beach Police Department said it is extremely expensive.

Boynton Beach police urged for the community’s help to find the prosthetic Sunday afternoon. Hours later, a suspect was found and the prosthetic was recovered, Ruden said.

Ruden – who has a YouTube channel in which he describes himself as a “7 Fingered Diabetic Powerlifter” – told NBC 6 that Boynton Beach police “need to be commended for their effort!”

“They all were so helpful and dropped everything to help,” Ruden said.