Brazilian Caught in MIA with Stolen Credit Cards Charged

A Brazilian man who was travelling into Miami International Airport (MIA) was charged after being found in possession of several stolen credit cards and an additional 14 credit card numbers in his phone.

Upon his arrival at MIA, Estefano Borlotti was flagged by U.S. Customs officials for a second search, after which they found the cards in his wallet that had been re-encoded with stolen credit card numbers.The numbers he had on his phone included track data.

On Friday, Borlotti was charged with trafficking in counterfeit credit cards, organized scheme to defraud, and two counts of credit card forgery.

Borlotti was appointed a public defender and a Portuguese interpreter for the hearing.Despite his public defender asking for the bond to be lowered, Judge Mindy Glazer kept it at $22,500.

He told detectives a friend sent him the credit card numbers, but wouldn’t say more.

Borlotti also has an immigration hold, so he won’t be able to go anywhere until he meets with immigration officials.