Broward rapper Koly P got shot — again. He posted live video from the ambulance

Pompano Beach rapper Koly P got shot again Saturday night, according to various social media posts — including an Instagram Live post by Koly P of video from the ambulance.

That post was captured and reposted to Twitter by Say Cheese.

On the video, the rapper whose given name is Mike Lee says, “This is my third time being shot.”

A paramedic says, “Same neighborhood? You better get out — “

Another paramedic cuts in with “Where have you been shot?” clearly wanting to know Koly P’s medical shooting history rather than his geographic one.

Koly P replied, “I’ve been shot in my stomach. and I’ve been shot in my hand.”

The first paramedic asks, “Damn, bro, why they keep shooting you like that?”

No posts say where or why the shooting occurred.

About three hours after his Instagram Live video, Koly P posted on his own Instagram page a “prayers up” for comedian Lewis Mohorn, who social media says was shot with Koly P.