Broward Schools Chief Details Changes in Letter to MSD Panel

Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie wants the state commission investigating the attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to know he has taken action over the month since he testified before the panel.

In a letter sent Wednesday to the commission chairman, Runcie said about 1,000 trainings on Code Red active assailant incidents have occurred in schools since the beginning of this school year.

Read Runcie’s Letter to the Commission (PDF)

Runcie also revealed a contractor is being hired to investigate if policy or standards were violated in “matters related to the shooting” and the shooter’s educational history.

Since his commission testimony on Nov. 15, Runcie notes he reassigned four Stoneman Douglas staff, including three assistant principals, as the district investigates their role in what preceded the attack and the response to it on Feb. 14.

He also notes he has forwarded policy changes to the school board that would empower any staff member to call a Code Red when an active assailant is detected, as well as require “safer spaces,” places where students and teachers can gather during an attack that places them away from a potential line of fire.

Regarding one issue that commissioners have criticized — the schools still not giving live video feed access from schools to the sheriff’s office — Runcie he is working with the sheriff to provide such access “during periods of an elevated threat level.”

He said he expects attorneys to finalize an agreement in two weeks and hopes it will be approved early next year.

The commission is gathered in Tallahassee Thursday for its last scheduled meeting before its interim report of findings and recommendations is due to the legislature and governor on January 1.