Bully beating up disabled homeless on Powerline and Cypress Creek

Bully beating up disabled homeless on Powerline and Cypress Creek


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Yesterday a orange haired white male severely beat a 23 year old mentally disabled male who is 5’5″ and 130 pounds.

The suspect is approximately 6′ and 190lbs muscular build with bright orange long hair and short beard. The homeless in area call him Red and they all fear him, since he has threatened all of them, they cannot “fly” their signs panhandling if he is there.

He is also threatening elderly homeless in area, some in wheel chairs. They claim he yells at them this is his territory and no one but him can work the busy intersection when he is in area, which is most days after 3pm, where he aggressively panhandles and acts homeless.

This a photo of him from 70 feet away taken after he attacked a senior who was driving in area to find his mentally disabled son who he beat up yesterday.

The suspect pulled a knife on one victim and threatened to shoot multiple people.

He was seen choking the mentally disabled person he beat up yesterday  with a bat  on June 25th 2021.

He attacked the car of the disabled senior while at a light on June 26th 2021.

The homeless in area say the police know he’s hurting disabled homeless in area and do nothing.

Here is a photo of him.

How about some street Justice? His name is “Red”, he has long orange hair and a beard. Around 6 foot tall and almost 200 pounds.


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Bully beating homeless Fort Lauderdale
Bully “Red” beating Homeless Fort Lauderdale