Caitlyn Jenner reveals she had sex reassignment surgery, so ‘you can stop staring’

Caitlyn Jenner reveals in her upcoming memoir that she has had sex reassignment surgery and that it was a “success,” reports Radar Online, which published excerpts on Monday.

The former Olympic gold medalist known as Bruce Jenner came out as a transgender woman in 2015 in an interview with Diane Sawyer, then debuted as Caitlyn on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Her memoir, “The Secrets of My Life,” will be released April 25. She received a $4 million advance for the book, according to Radar.

“The surgery was a success, and I feel not only wonderful but liberated,” Jenner, 67, reportedly writes of an operation that carried several potential health risks.

The final surgery was completed in January, according to Radar. Jenner underwent breast augmentation and facial feminization surgery in the first steps of her transition in March 2015, according to Uproxx.

Until now Jenner has largely avoided any discussion about gender reassignment. She refused to talk about it in a Sports Illustrated interview last June.

“It’s nobody’s business whether I want to do that to my body,” she told SI.

But her penis? She’s not going to miss it, she writes in her memoir.

It’s “just a penis. It has no special gifts or use for me other than what I have said before, the ability to take a whiz in the woods,” she writes. “I just want to have all the right parts. I am also tired of tucking the damn thing in all the time.”

Acknowledging that many people keep details about their sex reassignment surgery private, Jenner writes that she is going public “because I believe in candor. So all of you can stop staring. You want to know, so now you know.”

It sounds like she’s hoping to have the last say on the subject, writing that “this is the first time, and the last time, I will ever speak of it.”

Surgery or not, to some people Jenner will always be “Bruce.”

During Sunday night’s episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” a close-up of ex-wife Kris Jenner’s cell phone revealed how she lists Caitlyn in her contacts.

She calls her “CaitlynBruce Jenner.”