Celeb barber to Flo Rida and others ripped off at gunpoint — by someone he knew

Leonard “Bflow” Lopez, a celebrity hair cutter whose clients include rapper Flo Rida and boxer Gervonta Davis, was robbed at gunpoint of some very pricey jewelry on Miami Beach Tuesday — by a man he recognized and knew fairly well.

The man and his girlfriend, who police said also took part in the crime, were captured and arrested within two days — after Lopez spooked them, then set up a sting with police.

And, the barber got his jewelry back: A $100,000 platinum chain encrusted with diamonds, a $50,000 Audemars Piguet watch and a gold ring worth $10,000.

Rafael Marocci de Jesus, 27, was charged with armed robbery with a deadly weapon. His girlfriend and alleged accomplice Michelle Carolyn Webber, 24, was charged as an accessory after the fact. Marocci remained in jail on Thursday night and was denied bond.

Lopez’s Instagram page, which shows him drinking champagne aboard private jets and has pictures of famous rap musicians and producers like Jay Z and DJ Khaled, also now shows a picture of Marocci and Weber with the words, “Don’t trust know one,” underneath.

Lopez and police say the strange chain of events began after 2 a.m. Tuesday when a Toyota Camry pulled up to Lopez as he was walking along Drexel Avenue at 15th Street in Miami Beach. Lopez said one of the men asked him how to find the Mokai Lounge. When Lopez began giving directions, the man in the passenger seat asked if he could enter them on his cellphone.

Lopez told police that as he neared the car, one of the men pointed a black pistol at him and demanded his jewelry. Lopez obliged.

Police said Lopez contacted them Wednesday, saying “he knew who robbed him.” He gave police Marocci’s name and said he recognized him from several meetings two weeks ago in which Marocci expressed interest in renting a property from him.

Lopez then called Marocci and said he knew he was the thief, the report says. Then some time on Wednesday, while Lopez was walking on Northeast 11th Street in Miami, he spotted Marocci.

Spooked, Marocci pulled over and Webber got out of the car and handed Lopez a bag containing all his jewelry.

“Here, I don’t want any problems,” is what Lopez told police, Webber said.

Police said Lopez and Webber and Marocci agreed to meet later near Ninth Street and Biscayne Boulevard. When they got there, police were waiting. The man driving with Marocci when Lopez was ripped off has not been caught, police said.