Charges Dropped Against Transgender Woman in 2016 Killing

Days after NBC 6 exclusively spoke with a transgender woman who was charged with murder in the stabbing death of a South Florida man, those charges were dropped in a Miami-Dade courtroom Friday.

That woman, who goes by the name Ms. Campbell, was facing charges in the stabbing death of Jackson Marcelin in 2016. Prosecutors reportedly dropped the case after a witness changed her story.

Campbell told NBC 6’s Willard Shepard earlier this week she never should have been charged in the first place in the killing of Jackson Marcelin last year.

“I do feel like that it may have been different if it was a woman in my situation,” Campbell said in an exclusive interview.

Campbell said she’s been raped three times and that fear carried with her last year in Northwest Miami-Dade when Marcelin and Campbell had their deadly encounter.

Court documents show one witness told police “she noticed the subject with a sharp object in his right hand…the subject was taunting the victim…the victim had a wooden stick…and was walking towards the subject.”

While another witness said “prior to the incident I observed the victim, Marcelin…harassing my roommate Lloyd for at least 2-3 months” which included unwanted sexual comments.

The family of Jackson said they wanted Campbell prosecuted for the death.