Chilly with a chance of poisonous toads. That’s the weekend forecast for South Florida

Wake up to that 50 degrees-range bite on this morning’s commute?

If you loved it, you’re going to enjoy the next few days in South Florida.

According to the National Weather Service in Miami a chilly air mass will pull temperatures down into the mid- to upper-40s and low- 50s across much of interior South Florida, which is what you probably felt this morning.

Expect more of the same morning temps through the weekend.

But the afternoons will be comfortable, with highs in the mid-70s and warming to about 78 on Monday.

Just a slight chance of rain — 20 percent, inching to 30 percent Wednesday.

But that day-long rain on Tuesday could have some repercussions as it likely stimulated the breeding of cane (also known as bufo) toads.

According to a report on the “Today” show, an infestation of toxic toads has already descended on South Florida, with a new batch expected to hatch in about three weeks.

The Mirabella neighborhood of Palm Beach Gardens has already seen such an invasion of the poisonous bufo species, which were identified by a Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District biologist after they filled backyard pools and lakes, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Bufo toads secrete a fast-acting toxin that can be fatal to your pets, especially dogs as they are more apt to nip at the amphibians as they hop about your yards.

Here are some tips on how to protect your dogs from toads: