Chris Cuomo in a tight T shirt is taking our mind off of Hurricane Irma

You’re used to seeing Chris Cuomo in a suit, right?

Well, Hurricane Irma has changed the game.

The CNN anchor is in Miami, covering the storm, and he’s dressing down for the occasion.

On Saturday, viewers at home couldn’t but help notice that Cuomo, in a tight short sleeved T-shirt, looks as if he logs quite a number of hours at the gym.

Transation: He is ripped.

The “New Day” anchor, 47, did a 15 day challenge for Men’s Health he does Cross Fit and lifts. This is obvious.

After the hurricane passes, he is sure to have a whole different set of fans.

Actor Mario Cantone, for one.

The “Sex and the City” star Tweeted a screenshot of the journalist on Miami Beach, with the caption: “Just come home! You’re scaring me! You’re all I have!!! You’re my lover!! Dinner is ready!! It’s getting cold! I need you here!”

Some not so famous Tweeters understand why the son of former New York Gov Mario Cuomo (and brother of present NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo) is getting so much attention on the Internet.

KamGirl writes: “Everyone is talking about “Chris Cuomo” in his tee shirt this morning. I turned to @cnnbrk to take a look. I understand why he’s trending.”

User Laura Sesana has been a fan a while: “I’ve been saying this for 2 years: Chris Cuomo should wear a t-shirt *every* day. #SunsOutGunsOut.”

There were some cute GIFs, too.

Who’s Irma again?