City of Hollywood Florida Notified of Tennis Court Liability

City of Hollywood Florida Notified of Tennis Court Liability

If you live in Florida a major new lawsuit could effect most Tennis Courts in the state since most courts in  communities were build ignoring the advice of the ITF ( International Tennis Federation) as to minimum safety requirements that a Tennis Court should have as to things such as distances from playing surfaces to fences.

Josh Levy the mayor of Hollywood Florida was given legal notice today that the cities code enforcement department has been negligent in how they approve tennis court construction in the city of Hollywood Florida.

We were sent a copy of the legal notice today that was sent to Josh Levy by the Hon. Judge Dr. Rabbi Sol Adoni. Doug Gonzalez the City attorney for the City of Hollywood Florida was also given the legal notice.

Dr. Adoni is the founder of the huge Domain Name Trust that owns the  1 Media Network of over 300 Business and City Search Portals of which we are one of their city news and search Portals. His domain trust owns one of the most valuable portfolios of industry keyword domain names.

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Due to the major injury Dr. Adoni had in the City of Hollywood Florida playing Tennis as a guest at West Lake Village, an affluent community of over 600 homeowners in Hollywood of which many are professionals, the business career of Dr. Adoni developing Internet Portals is now over and his Network of hundreds of portals is up for sale for over 5 BILLION USD.

Dr. Adoni is one of the truly great geniuses in history who theorized many new laws in math and science over his prestigious career including the Prime Algorithm used by the NSA, PDF Theory used by NASA and EOE Theory used by the USGS.

He revealed the famous Sumerian King List is really an ancient math primer and his CREATOR Formula that showed the creation myths of every major religion was really a simple scientific formula for the circumference of the Earth.

He was also the first academic to show the Great Pyramid was based on the math of Precession.

He theorized over 40 years ago in a think tank what is now called Computer Universe Theory and also Hologram Universe Theory. Basically he proved our reality exists inside an AI level computer.

He founded two academic think tanks including HelixQ the AI Think Tank that created both 6 and 10 dimensional computer bytes that could theoretically be used to create Universes such as our own.

Dr. Adoni told us he will soon have the City of Hollywood, it’s insurance carrier as well as every home owner in West Lake Village in an international court due to the injury he incurred that ended his career as a major internet developer. He said the true damage financially is to his huge International Trust that lost his services due to the negligence of the City of Hollywood not demanding Tennis Courts be built to the high safety standards of the ITF (International Tennis Federation). He says the city sacrificed the safety of every person playing Tennis on courts crammed into community recreation areas on land too small to allow safe courts. The City did this intentionally so developers could squeeze more homes into developments. The code enforcement division of cities such the one in Hollywood chose to ignore the ITF and harm players to enrich developers.

If you have a Tennis Court on your property or in your community pace off the distance to the side line fence, if it’s less than five paces or 15 feet the court is too hazardous to play on says Dr. Adoni who says it violates ITF distance requirements.

If you live in West Lake Village in Hollywood be prepared to face a mega Billion dollar action by the Adoni Trust as one  the 600+  parties that are liable for the end of Dr. Adon’s portal building career.

Dr. Adoni says Scottsdale Insurance which insures the HOA of WLV and it’s parent company Nationwide Mutual Insurance allowed the HOA to be under insured by issuing  the homeowners  of WLV a small one million dollar policy to cover the homeowners in WLV against damages people incur as a guest in the community. He says almost every HOA is under insured in Florida and new laws need to be enacted to protect home owners living in under insured communities. A career ending injury to many professionals means mega millions in lost wages claims and one million dollar policies allow insurance companies to defraud home owners they are properly insured when they are not.

Dr. Adoni also said to us that Scottsdale Insurance and Nationwide InsuranceIand their adjuster Kevin Tuhey have acted in bad faith as to not promptly paying his large medical bills and will now be sued in a bad faith claim as well which exposes the insurance company to billions in damages.

Dr. Adonii is a judge on an international court that handles cases involving the over one million members of the Nation of One. He has six case cites in the US Supreme Court.

Judges in past cases involving Dr. Adoni have called him one of the most brilliant legal minds they have encountered as a judge.