Clumsy Walmart TV thief proved to be equally inept at avoiding capture

The Walmart thief who dropped a big screen TV during his ungainly escape proved just as inept at avoiding capture, if you believe the Davie police.

Cops say Michael Patrick Flanagan’s luck ran out Wednesday, when an anonymous tip led them to the 36-year-old Margate man’s door. Flanagan awoke Thursday in Broward County Main Jail on a charge of grand theft of an item valued between $300 and $5,000.

The arrest report says Flanagan told police he was duped by “Sharky.” Sharky was driving the getaway motorcycle in a heist that’s no “Ocean’s 11.”

Store surveillance video from Dec. 16 shows Flanagan entering the Walmart at 4301 University Dr. Another store surveillance video shows someone who appears to be wearing the same clothes pick up a massive TV.

According to the arrest report, Flanagan paced for about 30 seconds with a 48-inch Vizio before leaving via a fire exit. The video shows the thief trying to hop on the back of a slowly departing motorcycle, but couldn’t quite get seated, so got caught in an awkward sitting run.

Then, the TV hit a container next to the walkway, dropping from the criminal’s hands to the ground. The robber picked up the TV and resumed his departure.

Cops say Flanagan told them “Sharky,” the motorcycle driver, took the TV and gave it to someone else.

“The defendant said he stole the television to get money so he could eat,” the report says.