Coast Guard seized 27,000 pounds of cocaine. Here’s what that looks like

Ever wonder what 27,000 pounds of cocaine looks like?

If you weren’t privy to the Eagles’ “Hotel California” or Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” recording sessions at North Miami’s Criteria Studios in the 1970s, mountains of coke in one place might be a foreign concept.

So the Coast Guard’s latest video is an eye- (or would that be nose-?) opener.

The Southeast division of the U.S. Coast Guard sent out an alert that 27,000 pounds of confiscated cocaine will be offloaded by the Coast Guard Cutter Tampa in Miami Beach and sent for destruction on Friday. It’s all a part of the Coast Guard’s #notonourstreets initiative.

The seized contraband was found by the Coast Guard and its Department of Homeland Security partners in the Eastern Pacific on several passes through the region.