Coastal Cities Remain Closed Due to Hurricane Irma Damage

Access to the City of Miami Beach remains closed due to dangerous road conditions caused by Hurricane Irma.

While thousands are trying to make their way back to Miami Beach, they are being turned away by emergency officials.

Residents will be allowed back on Miami Beach on Tuesday beginning at noon.

On Wednesday morning, all parking garages will be reinstated for normal use and will begin charging for parking. However, any cars that were parked there to be protected from the storm must be moved by Monday, September 18th.

Meanwhile, in Sunny Isles Beach, all roads are closed until further notice.

Power lines, poles and other large fixtures sustained severe damage.  The roads are currently dangerously littered with debris.

Only first responders and repair officials are being granted entry into the evacuated area.

Residents, business owners and others are not being granted entry into Sunny Isles Beach until it is deemed safe.