Company recalls coolers after TV report on near-tragic lock-in of Pompano Beach child

For the second time, Igloo is recalling four sizes of Marine Elite coolers with stainless steel latches that were sold through West Marine stores.

The problem this time, the recall notice on the Igloo site admits, is “It is possible that the stainless steel latch could, inadvertently, close where a person could potentially become locked inside.”

That’s what happened to a 6-year-old Pompano Beach boy recently, according to a report from WPLG-Channel 10. The report says Nicolas Wanes decided to hide in the cooler. While the boy could close the latch from the inside, he couldn’t open it. Nicolas’ parents found him before he suffered serious consequences.

This covers Marine Elite coolers sized at 54 quarts, No. 00049374; 72 quarts, No. 00049375; 94 quarts, No. 00049574; and 110 quarters, No. 00034108. Igloo’s not offering return as a remedy option, but repair — a free latch replacement kit that it expects consumers to install. Those who haven’t received the kit can call Igloo at 1-888-257-0934.

Previously, a latch replacement kit also was sent to consumers in a recall of Marine Elite coolers sold at West Marine stores. Sharp edges on the stainless steel latch that might scratch or cut users sparked that recall.

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