Cooler Weather in The Forecast For South Florida Next Week

Though you won’t be digging out the thick sweaters and making hot chocolate, South Florida will notice a dip in the temperature come next week.

The first autumn cold front – and possibly an end to the rainy season – is on the horizon for South Florida around the middle of next week. The cold front itself is just entering the Pacific Northwest. It will track across the United States through the weekend and team up with a second cold front early next week.

These two fronts should have enough of a push to not just clear South Florida, but bring some really nice weather. Exact timing of the cold front will determine our highest rain chances, but right now it looks to be Tuesday into Wednesday.

Behind the front we’ll get into northwesterly winds and that could allow us to enjoy highs in the 70s toward the end of next work week, but no doubt lower humidity and lower rain chances.