Couple caught in the act at a South Florida gas station. Then came the handcuffs

Two men were arrested Wednesday after a Davie police officer caught them trying to install a credit card skimmer at Marathon gas station, police said.

The duo —Raul Hernandez-Beltran, 30, and Rafael Mirabel Bonora, 28 —were charged with fraudulent use of a scanning device after the officer noticed they weren’t pumping gas, records show.

Found inside the car? Tools to access the pump, a laptop computer, other skimming devices, several gift cards, and even extra U.S. Department of Agriculture seals to hide any signs of tampering, police said.

The men were arrested at the Marathon gas station at 4450 S. University Drive around 4 a.m. Wednesday and booked into Broward County jail, according to arrest reports.