Couple Survives Michael After Unexpected Death of Son

Jarren Aguon is grateful to even be alive to talk about the damage to his home after Hurricane Michael.

Along with his girlfriend, the Panama City couple rode out the Category 4 storm, watching as the hurricane peeled off most of the roof from their home while they tried to take cover.

“As soon as I see the ceiling go up, I pushed her all the way there,” Aguon recalled his girlfriend crouching and hiding as the storm battered the building.

The couple was focusing on surviving — and on one special room in the house.

Aguon and his girlfriend were worried about his son Davian’s bedroom. He died earlier this year after mysteriously falling ill.

“Almost eight months ago, we lost our youngest son,” Aguon said. “He was nine. I’d go through this all again to go back and forth those eight months.”

Davian’s room is destroyed, but Aguon and his family did whatever they could to preserve it by covering the boy’s belongings with a tarp.

Aguon and his mom believe it was Davian who helped them survive one of the worst hurricanes in U.S. history.

“I think he was kind of there with us. Keeping that part of the roof there,” Aguon said. “I’d like to think that anyway. We were just more worried about saving his stuff we couldn’t get back.”

One way to help people affected by Hurricane Michael is by donating to the Red Cross. Find more information on how to donate here.

Places all over South Florida are also collecting donations for victims. Find out how to help by clicking here.