Coyote in Weston Causes Concern

A coyote lounging in a Weston backyard caused concern and now the city is reminding residents to remain cautious.

Mirella Ernst’s backyard on Thursday hosted a coyote, which was trapped by Daniel DiPaolo from the Bee Brothers Pet Solutions animal control company.

DiPaolo said the coyote is likely fully grown and at least 2 years old.

DiPaolo, who said he’s been in the business for 17 years and has seen coyotes in various South Florida locations, said the animal likely couldn’t find his or her way out of the neighborhood.

The best thing to do when encountering a coyote is to leave them alone, as they are likely looking for food, according to DiPaolo. If hungry, coyotes may become agitated.

“Coyotes are an important part of Florida’s natural ecosystem. They live in urban, suburban and rural areas,” the City of Weston wrote in a statement. “Be aware of unusual coyote behavior. Unusual behavior could include a coyote that has lost its fear of humans and is approaching people, chasing joggers and bikers, or attacking leashed pets.”

Anyone who sees a coyote acting unusual or aggressively should report it to the FWC at 561-625-5122.