Cruelty-free décor for your home

A leader in cruelty-free vegan design and wellness/sensory interiors, Deborah Rosenberg is the founder of the design firm DiMare Design and — an online interior design service for the budget minded.

An animal lover, Rosenberg makes use of luxury faux fabrics and sustainable materials, replacing the skins, furs and feathers traditionally used in luxury interior design. “Vegan design is spiritually and physically positive,” she says.

With spring in full swing, show your home off with a mission: adopting humane décor. Let your furniture show you have heart, as well as impeccable taste.

Where to Buy

01. FVC Floating Shelf: Deft Union; 7101 N Miami Ave. #109, Miami; 305.699.4402;

02. Art Pilo in Camel Print: DiMare Design; 1835 NE Miami Gardens Dr., North Miami Beach; 305.423.6604;

03. Concrete and Wood Table: Thiel studios;

04. Hartebeest at Dusk: Elle Roark Photography;

05. Niba Rug Tencil: NIBA Designs; 3609 N. 29th Ave., Hollywood; 305.573.1355;