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New Lead Singer and Guitarist Jason Dean Moshen

Jason Dean Moshen
Jason Dean Moshen

The reason this Band is considered now by our staff to be one of THE BANDS in South Florida is for one reason, the young phenom future rock GOD Jason Dean Moshen is now part of the band.

Our staff was alerted to just how GOOD Jason is by none other than Rex Luciferius the original music artist who has crushed the charts this month of SoundCloud with his New Album Cross Roads gather up over 20 Million Plays the first few weeks of August 2016 and charting 3 #1 hits on SoundCloud charts in 3 different genres of music.

Rex says he is very interested in having young Jason join his band due to his exception guitar skills for such a young player WHO HAS THE ROCK GOD look and a great voice to go along with his demon inspired playing.

So if you get the chance to see Jason playing out with Crush, JUST DO IT as the Nike ad says you will be seeing a special musician.

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