Cuban sentenced after enslaving, raping and extorting women he trafficked to Palm Beach

Ivan Zamora admitted to smuggling women from his native Cuba into the United States. By threatening them and their families, he forced them to provide his living through Palm Beach County strip clubs and his pleasure from extorted sexual service.

Zamora is heading to the federal prison system for the next 10 years after his federal court sentencing in West Palm Beach.

Zamora pleaded guilty in October to two counts of forced labor trafficking (slavery) and two counts of encouraging and inducing an alien to reside in the United States. He has also ordered to pay three women the $40,100 in principal and interest they paid Zamora for getting them from Cuba to the United States.

Various means were used for smuggling the women into the country, including getting Mexican uniformed officials to give one woman fake identification. Once he got them into the United States, Zamora stashed the women in homes in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach and — for one woman who threatened to stab him — Miami while demanding they pay their debt to him with money made stripping.

They received no debt relief for submitting to his sexual demands.

When one woman boldly ran from a car after an argument with Zamora and called 911, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office picked up Zamora’s scent. Investigation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Homeland Security and PBCSO ended with Zamora’s arrest Feb. 12, 2018.