Daring Pembroke Pines mom rescues baby peacock from Hurricane Irma

Kim LaFauci loves all animals, especially her peacocks.

The Pembroke Pines resident, who has a dog, three cats and a snake, watches over the birds closely in her neighborhood of Preserve Estates.

When news circulated that Hurricane Irma was going to be a catastrophic event, LaFauci thought not just of herself, but of the birds, which she thinks of adopted pets.

“I see them all the time. I feed them when I can. I didn’t want anything to happen to them,” said the married mother of two. “I love them!”

On Saturday, a family wandered into her garage and were rewarded with breadcrumbs.

Sunday, when winds started to get fierce, LaFauci set out to find the birds in their usual tree.

“Every night they go to sleep there and roost, but the hurricane broke the branches and the baby peacock got lost from his mother,” LaFauci recounted.

The mother (peahen) was out walking briskly, feathers bristling in the wind, seeking shelter with some of her kids in tow. Except the smallest one.

After some intrepid searching through the neighborhood in driving rain and high winds, LaFauci found the baby peacock crying and running aimlessly, looking for its family. The pharmaceuticals executive gathered the trembling, soaking wet bird in her arms and brought it back to her house, where she put it in a tank with some food and water.

“Peacocks will not make it through the night,” said the Miami Shores native. “This is why they go up high to make sure that they are not dinner for snakes foxes and hawks.”

At sunrise Monday morning, the peacock started to wail, waking the residents, which included a few evacuees.

“I took the baby out and found the mommy who was also looking for her baby,” said LaFacui. “Irma was over. They were reunited.”