Diary of John Doe a Homeless Man in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Diary of John Doe a Homeless Man
Diary of John Doe a Homeless Man

Diary of John Doe

a Homeless Man in

Fort Lauderdale Florida

Day 1 (really day 375)

March 27th 2017

By John Doe a Homeless Man

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My name is John, for this series of articles I agreed to use Doe as my last name.

I will be chronicling my journey through the maze of bureaucracy a homeless person faces when they try to obtain basic items such as food stamps and housing assistance, etc, as well as job placement for a highly skilled worker that is over the age of 50.

My personal journey with being homeless began over a year ago, when I became ill due to the toxic black mold in a condo I rented for almost 10 years in South Florida.

Instead of fixing the mold the landlord sued me to take possession of the property.

I counter sued the slumlord and gave possession of the property back to the owner and I officially became homeless since I was not working for a few months by that time.

I have an on going civil action against the landlord over the harm the black mold did to me.

I was not able to get unemployment when I got sick since I haven’t technically had a job for a very long time. I worked for a non-profit organization and they reimbursed me for all expenses I had in life, my home, my car, gas, clothes, etc. I didn’t make any thing above what I spent for basic life needs. Like a religious organization might pay a priest or chaplain for services. I did work for a non profit and they were allowed to cover my expenses to live.

I wrote articles for the organization and did lots of tech work for them and had a large following. However, due to my illness I could not produce any longer and the long running feature I wrote got axed so I became jobless and homeless at the same time.

Had I had a normal job, I could have collected unemployment I guess. But I don’t appear on any state or federal computers as a wage earner now for a very long time.

In other words I was off the grid financially.

A charitable friend gave me shelter on a blow up air mattress in a warehouse for some of the past year and others gave me a couch here and there and sometimes I just camped outside since SFL has nice weather. However, it’s a year now and I am HOMELESS pretty much full time.

I am very skilled in technology, I can build a great WordPress, HTML or PHP website with all the bells and whistles that some companies can easily charge $5,000.00 for. Basic web design starts at $300 to $500 for an ugly site that does nothing. If you want auto post to social media, and social media accounts setup and SEO and contact forms and navigation sliders and even say a HD Video, well a $500.00 site can become a $5,000 site easily. It would take days for a person to make such a site, I can do it in a few hours.

I tried to sell my design services door to door in Broward County and while most companies have an ugly old site that produces no real leads or clients due to they were done in old HTML and are not mobile friendly, so these companies think they have a website, but they don’t if you understand Internet Marketing. The companies with old crappy sites just don’t get it that their unresponsive site cannot be seen properly by 70% of traffic that is now on mobile devices and in reality making a site that actually converts into leads and business is not that easy and takes specialized knowledge which I have. So I offered my services designing a $5,000 website and said to hundreds of companies in Broward just make me an offer and it’s almost impossible to find any small businesses in broke ass Broward Country with even $500 bucks to offer me for my great work. So I cannot make a living at web design even though I’m the best designer there is in Browad and if I was in a major market that skill would generate 100K or more a year easily.

I spoke to a few scam Internet Marketing Companies in South Florida who expect an expert computer programmer to work for $10.00 an hour to maybe $15 bucks an hour. I’m sorry but if I can’t make $1,000 a week to afford my own studio, I don’t consider your job offer a job.

I need to make $50,000 a year at a minimum to live at what I consider the poverty line, as a single adult in a crappy ass Studio Apartment without even a bedroom.

These low end rentals are now $1,000 to $1,200 a month in Broward and probably over $2,000 a month in NYC or LA.

What is the point of working if your JOB can’t even pay for the most modest of abodes?

Banks will tell you, to qualify for a mortgage and even an apartment rental, your monthly rent or mortgage should not exceed 25% of your monthly pay.

So the real poverty line in my opinion is now $50,000 a year since that is what it will take in income to qualify to even rent out a modest studio apartment where I live.

So my journey in this series of articles is to finally USE THE SYSTEM to see what it can offer a truly HOMELESS PERSON.

I have no home.

I have no car.

I have no bank account.

I have no record with the state or federal government at having worked for many years.

So here I am US Government, I am HOMELESS and I am writing a diary for FREE to document how bad the system is for anyone that truly needs help. Maybe some will donate to me via these articles. I don’t count on it though since the mood of the country with jobs is people without them don’t want to work. Well I want to work and if anyone can pay me a REAL WAGE where I can afford my own Studio doing what I know how to do, I’ll be happy to work for them.

My first need everyday is FOOD and while I have been able to find around $100 a week pan handling or doing odd jobs for cash and whatever to just eat, i am now having a problem even finding that most weeks so I often go HUNGRY. So now, I will attempt to obtain FOOD STAMPS. I’m tired of pan handling for FOOD MONEY and no I don’t do drugs or drink, so if you see a dude with a sign HOMELESS NEED MONEY TO EAT give the guy some food money it might be me.


So as far I am concerned my recent BEGGING is not work and not income.

So today March 27th 2017 I applied online for FOOD STAMPS using a friends computer.

I put homeless and no address.

No bank account, no stock, no real estate and no car and NO JOB since panhandling is not a job.

After almost 60 minutes answering questions about dead parents and ex wives I got an email form letter saying it will be 7 days to 30 days to process my application and they will Call me or MAIL me results. I guess their autobot program can’t properly handle people with NO ADDRESS and NO PHONE, I am HOMELESS and I have no phone nor mailing address and I refuse to bother friends with my plight, so they will not be taking calls or receiving letters for me about my homelessness..


First mistake the state made is they put the wrong date on the application since it came in past 5PM so that gives then another day to keep me STARVING.

See the form letter, how funny, calling or mailing a person that stated NO PHONE and NO ADDRESS.

So that’s the first problem I see and I might have to sue IMMEDIATELY OVER IT, I need food NOW and I’m hungry and I shouldn’t have to pan handle for it.


John Doe 1
John Doe 1

So now I guess I have to go pan handle to find the $15.00 bucks I spend a day on real food. I eat lots of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables and usually I get a roasted chicken every other day since I have no kitchen to prepare food in.

I heard the state thinks you can live on $200.00 a month, so when they get around to granting a truly homeless man Food Stamps the first thing I will do is sue the government agencies over not giving me enough to eat properly. They are conspiring to make me SICK by not providing me enough money to eat properly that means fresh fruit and fresh vegetables and fresh protein not frozen or pre-packaged sodium laced poison, I eat real food and I need $400 a month to eat real food and if an agency says no, then I will sue over inadequate food stamp support.

The fact is I AM HOMELESS so that means no kitchen and no ability to cook. No refrigerator either. So I can buy a 1 buck box of past or a bag of beans and eat for a few days. I can’t cook or prepare food. So while $200 might be enough to feed a person with a kitchen lots of cheap carbs like pasta, rice and beans a truly homeless person cannot cook such meals so their cost of eatable food is much higher than a poor person who has a home. The homeless NEED MORE MONEY FOR FOOD than poor people lucky enough to have a roof and my goal is to force that issue with the courts.

In my plight I thought it would be nice to blaze a path to do something to HELP OTHERS in the future that might end up as I have ended up. HOMELESS.

I will not take a job for less than what I consider to be the REAL POVERTY LINE that being $50,000 a year so I can live in my own studio with a little human dignity. I honestly believe that the real minimum wage should be $25.00 an hour based on the fact that it costs $1,000 now to obtain a closet Studio apartment just to have a kitchen.

So when I go job seeking now usually via the internet I always demand a potential employer state what is the minimum wage they wili pay a highly skilled tech person. In SFL it is often 10 to 15 bucks an hour. I really explode at companies over the phone or in emails that offer me such low wages as 10 or 15 bucks an hour by explaining that any job offer below $50k is an attempt to make me a slave labor victim and deny me a fair wage. So that makes me unemployable to any company not willing to find $50K a year to hire a high level tech geek.

No job below 50K a year will fix my position. I do not want to have to have the government subsidize my rent due to some cheap company taking advantage of me by not paying me a FAIR MINIMUM WAGE. I can type 80WPM, I can code in many languages and I can even administrate a whole network of servers. I am highly skilled in tech and I write great copy. I should be making $150K to $250K a year easily with my skill sets but such jobs are not available in SFL.

In my opinion, all the financial numbers the government gives out are FAKE and are used by big companies to create the equivalent of a huge SLAVE LABOR pool of workers that believe the government lies that making $30k or $40K is a ‘good job’. It’s a crap job since you can’t even qualify for a poverty level Studio Apartment without at least $50K a year. I would be forced to get government assistance to help with a poverty level studio if I take such an underpaying job.

So now that I’ve applied for FOOD STAMPS I’m in the system and I will be bitching and moaning the whole time until I find a job with at least $50K a year pay.

If any agency tries to force me to get a job, well I will try but every potential employer will be forewarned that if they try to hire me for less than $50K a year I will be in Federal Court the first day over how they are a slave wage company in a conspiracy with the US Government to under pay workers.

If people understood what poverty truly is and how their low paying jobs are due to the greed of big companies making profits over providing a job for a worker they can really live on, well the end result is a lot of companies faced with paying a real wage would probably have to go out of business.


If you can’t pay a worker enough to live with dignity, then you either have to raise prices or go out of business.

If enough people lost their low paying jobs, then maybe real estate would crash and the rental on a Studio would fall to $100 or $200 a month where it should be for the wages companies want to pay people.

Come on people $7.25 or so an hour for a FEDERAL MINIMUM WAGE that is an abomination, what can you live in at $300 or less a week? NOTHING

So when the Federal Minimum Wage is enough to make you HOMELESS someone has to sue the Federal Government and force a change.

The obscenely low minimum wage is why poor people stay poor.

A worker is entitled to a decent wage and that wage needs to cover the basic human dignity rights things a person needs and it begins with food and shelter.

So day 1 of my journal resulted in a government agency saying they will MAIL ME results, well that is impossible for a homeless person so that might be my first lawsuit.

Oh, I’ve a very experienced litigator, over the years (six case cites in the SCOTUS) I have sued the government and companies over and over for doing clearly illegal acts against me and often they settle as soon as I start a lawsuit. The reason is, I don’t sue over frivolous things, I sue based on civil rights and human rights violations and these things are being flagrantly violated daily by most big companies and the public is too uneducated to do anything about it.

So Day 1, I have no food and the agency says check your mail which I do not have.

Tomorrow I will call the agency, get names and ID numbers and explain I AM HOMELESS where can I go to get FOOD NOW.

When they refuse to feed me IMMEDIATELY as I believe they should have to do, I will then file a pauper lawsuit in US Federal Court over how the state agency is intentionally starving me.

If you are HOMELESS and have NO FOOD you should be able to be FED NOW.

That is a basic human right and a human dignity issue and it may be my duty in life to make sure POOR HOMELESS PEOPLE have the right to be fed.

I will force the federal judge to hold an emergency TRO hearing over the issue and that will force the state to show up and GET ME FOOD TODAY.

If the Federal Judge refuses to hold an emergency TRO then I appeal and put the Federal Courts into an action for not protecting my HUMAN RIGHTS and CIVIL RIGHTS.

I am a citizen of this country who paid a fortune early in life in Federal Taxes and now I’m saying PAY ME.
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Diary of John Doe

a Homeless Man in

Fort Lauderdale Florida


Day 2 (really day 376)

March 28th 2017

By John Doe a Homeless Man

So I borrowed a friends phone to call the Rep that FL Access says handles my area for Emergency Food Stamps.

His name is Dwight Clark 954-375-3338

He conveniently said he couldn’t hear me anymore after he stated unequivocally that there was no way for me to get Food Stamps today, his solution for a Hungry HOMELESS MAN was to go to a food bank.

I said I believe he and the state are violating my FEDERAL CIVIL RIGHTS to get Federal Assistance TODAY since HUNGRY HOMELESS PEOPLE should not have to wait 7 to 30 days.

This was after I informed him that my application has NO PHONE or ADDRESS so the suggested way the state handles such a matter does not properly take into account what to do when there is NO PHONE or ADDRESS which is what most HOMELESS people have as their reality.

Mr. Clark who sounded like he was a man of ethnic background due to his accent and use of words, did not like how I told him I thought the state needs to be sued by me TODAY in Federal Court over no emergency FOOD STAMPS for someone in my situation, I should not have to hunt down a food bank to do what the Federal Government is mandating the State of Florida do, that being distribute FOOD STAMPS to the needy such I am.

Food Banks are not part of the state nor the federal government, most are run by religious Org’s and as a person that does not believe in religion, I feel it is a violation of my FREEDOM OF RELIGION to force me to seek food from what in my area are usually religious organizations to eat when the Federal Government has a FOOD STAMP program that states such as Florida as supposed to be operating effectively.

Mr. Clark accused me of having MONEY to sue the state and when I informed him I could file for FREE under the PAUPER RULES and I have in the past, he just said he would email me the number.

After a while no such email was delivered with the promised phone number for me to call to setup a in person interview as I will need and Mr. Clark was unequivocal the STATE OF FLORIDA HAS NO SUCH IMMEDIATE FOOD STAMP PROVISIONS so they are violating my civil rights and human dignity.

I will now have to draw up a 1982 Civil Rights Action on the State of Florida for force them to change how there is NO EMERGENCY FOOD STAMPS for POOR HOMELESS PEOPLE.

The United States needs to start to take care of the poor and homeless instead of wasting trillions of dollars on wars over oil and politics.

If I must be the one to battle the system so be it.


Mr Clark did eventually email me a phone number to call.


I spoke to Parnetha

She did the ‘interview’ over the phone and made a minor mistake stating I had to register for Work Fare, I stated the ‘rules’ said only 18 to 50 year old people had to do that and since I was over 50 was that needed.

She corrected herself and said no.

Then she said I had to supply 2 pieces of ID and then it would be 3 days to 7 to get EMERGENCY FOOD STAMPS.

I asked where do I go to do that and she gave me an address and a fax number and said I could upload in my Account.

I logged into my account and it was not a real account, she said, since it was an application status account.

So that means I had to recreate a new account which I did and it did not register and then she decided it was due to the state not having my proof of ID. So that means I have to find a fax machine to fax the ID info to with my claim number on it.

Then I should be able to create an online account.

So thus far it is looking like 3 to 7 days is the fastest way to get FOOD STAMPS for a HOMELESS HUNGRY PERSON.

Now that I have had my interview and qualify it’s just getting a EBT card issued.

She said I need it to be MAILED so it’s either go to post office and explain I’m homeless and expecting it so try to use general delivery or use a friends address temporarily to get the card and then remove their address from my account since they should not have the burden of receiving my mail for my problems.

So the state is not setup up properly to help truly needy poor homeless people who do not have ID and a way to fax info and a way to receive mail.

Luckily I have ID or that would be another problem.

I can prove I am a US Citizen

Had I not been given the immediate interview today, I sure would have filed a federal action, but now it looks as if I may get FOOD STAMPS within 3 or maybe 7 days. That’s not good, but it beats the 30 days the initial email from the State warned me as to how long the process can take.

Why is there no state agency way to give IMMEDIATE FOOD to poor homeless people?



Two hours after I sent the fax, it was still in limbo so a rep named Brea suggested I appear in person to expedite my application.

So I went to the local state office and showed my ID and now my application says completed so it should be in 3 to 7 days an EBT arrives to help me EAT.

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Diary of John Doe

a Homeless Man in

Fort Lauderdale Florida


Day 4 (really day 378)

March 30th 2017

By John Doe a Homeless Man

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I spent most of the day trying to figure out how to obtain HEALTH INSURANCE as a Homeless Man in the USA.

I applied at www.HealthCare.gov for insurance and it denied me.

I guess they didn’t like a few things such as no address and no phone number.

It came back a form denial saying the period to enroll was over plus due to me stating I did not plan on filing a Tax Return for 2016 nor 2017 since I have been JOBLESS AND HOMELESS and the minimum income needed is a little over $10,000 a year, there is no reason for me to file a tax return on personal income since I had none.

Since FL is one of the asshole 17 states that sued Obama Care to opt out of the expanded Medicaid Program that would cover me in 33 other states, there is NO INSURANCE IN FLORIDA for anyone who is JOBLESS AND HOMELESS.

Seems I should be SUING the state of FL now over that fact.

I found some information about low income and even HOMELESS MEDICAL CARE in Broward County so I have a number to call tomorrow about applying and being given W72 status and that means I would be entitled to go to the Bernard Alicki Health Center at 1101 W Broward Blvd.

If you are HOMELESS the number is 954-767-5344 to apply.

They claim to have doctors to see you and a pharmacy and even dental.

Low Income people with low paying jobs which can mean up to 96K in income for a family of 5 are W80 Status and that entitles them to co-pay care such as emergency room visits for $25.00 and primary care doctors etc.

So it seems a large non-profit hospital organization is trying to fill in the safety net for no income or low income people.

I do have a couple of cracked teeth that have broken away to the gum line, they were teeth that had root canals many years ago and never go properly capped. So when I was in my accident over a year ago they shattered the temporary filings and being jobless and homeless they were not repaired.

Had I know there was a HOMELESS DENTAL CARE center in Broward I would have had them extracted last year, but that will be my goal now.

They don’t cause pain due to having no nerves in the roots of the teeth, but it’s not healthy to have such decaying dead teeth in your mouth it can cause illnesses.

Luckily most of my teeth are in good shape and that would do me well to fix that problem.

I spent some time filling out an APPEAL of the federal site denying me health care.

So I may sue the Federal Government for not having health care for homeless and jobless people.

You need income it appears to be qualified to get into an Obamacare program in Florida. Then the low income I know who had Obamacare have all dropped it since while the rates are cheap the fact they have huge deductibles means they get NO HEALTH CARE having it.

So once again the Federal Government has nothing in place to HELP HOMELESS AND JOBLESS PEOPLE.

I really need to SUE THE US GOVERNMENT over how badly they treat the HOMELESS people in this country.

Instead of feeding the poor and providing shelter and health care for the poor this country would rather build prisons and keep millions in jails that mostly came from poor urban areas. It would rather spend TRILLIONS in wars that are meaningless and were created to fuel the war corporations of the USA. It would rather have a nut job like John McCain call a world leader with a nuclear arsenal a crazy fat kid, ignoring that the kid can kill over 90% of the US Population with Nukes, according to ex CIA Director Woolsey.

A whole generation of Americans were lied to by the US Government as to the fake minimum wage the US Government put out that kept people in POVERTY and allowed big US Corporations to rip off the workers of the USA while creating trillions in profit for shareholders.

This is why the US Government and population is BANKRUPT. Artificial low wages to workers to fuel trillions in profits destroyed the real middle class of America and now you have POOR and means under 100K a year in income for a family of 5 and the rich, the shareholders of public companies that used basically SLAVE LABOR in the USA due to the fake minimum wage the US had in place to deceive workers into thinking they had great jobs when the reality was they had SLAVE JOBS and now facing retirement most cannot afford to live on social security another joke and deceit the US government created to make the SLAVE LABOR POOL of workers that fueled the profits of big US Companies for decades.

America was GREAT in the 1950’s when strong labor unions created real jobs for US workers that allowed a man to work and feed and house his family. Labor Unions and manufacturing jobs that paid well were destroyed in the 1970’s and 1980’s and what is left is an economy with no strong work force and good union jobs.

America went from a strong manufacturing nation to a cheap service industry nation.

Big US Companies gave up or moved plants overseas and the cheap imports of cars and electronics let countries like Japan and later China create strong manufacturing economies.

When Nixon took the USA off the Gold Standard in 1971, that created the fiasco we now see around the world. Gold was then $35 an ounce and in a global economy where Gold is now valued at over $1,200 an ounce the cost of everything sky rocketed.

So a perfect storm of losing the solid gold standard with Unions losing their power and America allowing cheap imports to destroy manufacturing we now see the results. Generations of US Workers that were lied to with a low minimum wage and today the need to have at least $50,000 to not be in poverty. That is the REAL POVERTY LINE. It takes $50,000 to live with a shred of dignity in the USA as a single man. That is the cost to rent a low cost studio apartment in most areas of the USA and some big cities it is double that.

Yet in right to work states such as Florida, employers think offering $10 to $15 bucks an hour is a good wage. It is not a livable wage and such employers need to be SUED for offering workers SLAVE WAGES.

So tomorrow I will see what type of HEALTH CARE a JOBLESS and HOMELESS MAN in the USA can get in Broward County Florida.

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Diary of John Doe

a Homeless Man in

Fort Lauderdale Florida

Day 5 (really day 379)

March 31st 2017

By John Doe a Homeless Man

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Today I called 954-527-6041 the main number for the Bernard Alicki Center which is supposed to treat HOMELESS PEOPLE in Broward Country.


If you do not live in a shelter or a rehab center or a halfway house coming of jail or prison, you can’t prove you’re HOMELESS so they REFUSE YOU.

I prefer a couch here and there, sleeping under the stars and even in warehouses to the vile shelter experience where you take you life in your hands sleeping with criminals and the mentally ill and your possessions are stolen the first night usually.

Luckily I have a friend that allows me to keep my clothes in his warehouse for the time being and I have use of showers in friends homes and often a couch and even a gym in the area for showers for only $10 bucks a month.

So Obamacare refused me and now the so-called Homeless Outreach medical care service refused me.

I guess I need to sue the US Government over health care, they have no program to give a JOBLESS and HOMELESS PERSON any health insurance and yet they have passed laws demanding everyone have health insurance.

You can’t pass a law that discriminates against people and poor people and jobless people cannot afford health care so any law demanding it or face a fine is illegal.

I contacted probably 100 people all running scam job ads on craigslist looking for web designers and gurus.

Many were scam SEO companies looking to steal your clients by demanding a resume. I explained a huge network exists that is mostly my work and when they reveal they are an SEO company I say no thanks, if you can do SEO you sure as fuck can design a simple website. Shit, I’m an elite level SEO Guru as well as SEM and PPC Guru and even a SMM and SMO guru with over 20 years experience in designing websites using every language and platform around.

I should be running the IT department of a major company and not listening to clowns looking for gurus at 10 to 15 bucks an hour.

Oh one clown was somewhat interested in hiring me and when he said he owns the work I create I corrected him, unless you are prepared to give me 100K a year and benefits and whatever, the work I do for you will be as an Independent DESIGNER and by international law I OWN ANY IP ASSET you pay me to create. You pay me to set it up and create it and then you pay me to use it that is international law about digital file creation and covers software and websites.

Well the person actually believed that if they pay me a slave wage of $25.00 an hour they own it, I said oh so it’s a full time job with benefits and you have at least a 2 year contract of employment to get me to work for your little nothing company?

Of course they said I had an attitude and forget it.

Of course I have an attitude, I understand international law and IP rights and when I create something I OWN IT unless we have a very specific contract saying the person I work for owns it, as was used in the last company I worked for. I was their slave, they owned me and my work.

It will not happen again, I will be happy to do freelance IT work but if I create something the company will have to pay me forever to use my IP asset. That is international law and it is actually inside most web design contracts.

The web design company OWNS THEIR WORK unless you have a written contract stating they don’t.

Well if anyone wants to hire me and want me to sign away my rights to my IP work, they better have at least $100K a year on the table and benefits and perks and at least a 2 year contract.

If you design websites and agree to work for a slave wage of under $25.00 an hour, that’s on you, but if the sleeze bag company paying you under $25 an hour doesn’t have you sign an IP agreement, when you leave get an IP lawyer and sue that company for all the work you did that they are not paying you for.

IP work and IT work is IP work when you create content and digital files does not belong to anyone but the person that creates it. Big companies that pay designers 125K a year have them sign away the rights to such work. It’s why they’re big companies and paying high wages you can live on to designers.

Smaller companies under paying IT workers, they’re asking for future lawsuits and I would prefer to not have that in my future, so I tell small companies up front I OWN WHAT I CREATE and the don’t like it and they sure as fuck can’t afford to pay me 125K a year to create real IP assets for them.

So I guess my only future is hustling small local companies with bullshit small web design jobs and I need to make enough money to create a company to collect my fees.

So it’s time for me to hit the road with no phone and no business cards and grind out some work.

I guess I’ll have to swallow my pride and agree to do bullshit 250.00 to 500.00 tiny jobs and moan the owner is ripping me off.

I guess I can create a contract and put the LAW about I OWN THE IP WORK in small print.

Then I need to figure out a way to have a monthly fee for a service the company needs other than simple design.

So I guess SEM and PPC management needs to be tied into a service deal.

Now what to call my future web design company since it is obvious the USA will not take care of me if I remain homeless.

Well, it’s not important what I call the company. I can either knock on the doors of small companies in strip centers and offer to clean their windows for 10 bucks or I can offer to help them with their IM (internet Marketing) and my resume is all the sites I’ve done over the years that still exist that I get nothing for.

I really need to hustle to buy a phone, it’s only $50 a month, then get some postcards made up and put the number on it. I have access to some buddies servers and can put a temporary site on them for nothing.

I can register a domain name for 1 buck to 10 bucks easy enough.

So a name, a web site, a $50 buck a month phone and as soon as I start to generate income I get a lawyer to setup a company for me and let them pay me and my taxes and my unemployment.

Companies NEED what I do and I just have to knock on some doors and find a company that wants a killer website and a guru that can really get them on top of social media and search engines.

I know how to do it, so now it’s do it for my own company since the assholes running internet marketing companies are pure assholes that know how to sell and know nothing about actually making sites and getting a business results from the net.

So I need to panhandle up 150.00 to 200.00 bucks and I can start my own business.

I will then need to pay $150 or whatever to the state to get a company incorporated and that means a street address so $100 to sign up at a mailbox store like UPS etc.

Then when I have $100 bucks I can open a business account and start to put in checks I get for my work.

I REFUSE to work for slave wages so now it is create a company at what I do.

What ‘can’ make America Great is it is still the LAND OF OPPORTUNITY, the opportunity is not working for $10 or $15 bucks an hour for some bullshit company or even making $25 an hour the real minimum wage you need to live in poverty with human dignity.

In the USA you can see a NEED and create a company pretty easily to fill that need.

Immigrants come to the USA and within a few years many OWN small local businesses since they have a WORK ETHIC which most US Born Citizens do not have.

Some come here and all they can buy is a bucket and squeegee and they make a route cleaning windows of local businesses in strip centers. Others make a route cutting grass and cleaning homes or offices.

They do the LABOR that Americans refuse to do for cheap wages Americans will not work for like $10 or 20 bucks an hour to cut grass or clean shit.

Luckily I have vast tech skills so I can easily HELP a local company with SERVICES such as Web Design that converts and is responsively designed and managing their IM accounts like adwords and even SM accounts with SMM.

So I guess it has come time to PAWN the few things I own like my watch and maybe my golf clubs and electronics and find maybe $500 so I can get a legit mailing address for a business and then file incorporation papers with the state so I can open a business checking account.

It is OBVIOUS the US Government has no real social programs to FEED the HOMELESS and Shelter them and give them real health care.

So once I pawn some stuff then it’s setup the basic things a company does and create a website and start knocking on doors.

I don’t have a car so a monthly bus pass will allow me to travel all over Broward for $75 a month or whatever the fees are now.

I can concentrate on high commercial zones where you have lots of small companies and professional centers with lawyers and doctors.

I have decent clothes still in the warehouse so I will look professional and I am highly educated and can deal with professionals by showing them sites that can give a business owner tech info as to what is wrong with their crappy sites.

Most will not be responsive, most will have serious problems like slow speeds.

My site will be fast and have great WPO scores so I will look great to potential clients and all the work I did for the company that took care of me for years will be my resume.

See what I did for this company and all these sites, now I’m an independent designer and you sure as fuck better read the fine print in my design services contract since I UNDERSTAND THE LAW and I OWN what I create.

I’m sure a future client will be happy with my work when they see their phones ring from what I do since they will have TRACKING NUMBERS to track the leads I make them.

I know my work is great, way better than the local Designers I’ve been looking at for potential jobs. I’ve spoken to owners of local Design and IM companies and everyone is a CLOWN with slow sites that have failing grades. They’re good at sales and have no tech skills.

Well I used to sell technology solutions decades ago when that was hot and made a lot of money doing it being a top sales rep selling TECH SOLUTIONS like vertical software packages for lawyers and doctors and even auto mechanics.

That was almost 30 years ago, haha.

But business is business, instead of selling software to manage billing for a law firm or doctor of auto repair shop, I’m selling my skills as a Designer, SEO, SEM, SMM guru.

For over a year I’ve rested recovering from a serious illness and also a serious injury.

I have two pending lawsuits over it, one about MOLD and one for a major injury I got due to the negligence of a large housing development that I got hurt in.

So I have future paydays coming to me from them, but in the mean time other than Food Stamps IF THEY EVER ARRIVE I will not expect this crappy government to do shit for me since after a week of trying to find help I found out there is none in reality.

So JOHN DOE a Homeless Man in the USA will now become John Doe a startup tech company with nothing but skill and a desire to make a living and while most small companies are in bad shape if I spend all day knocking on doors with a business card and a website I will find clients.

A simple web design job can be $500 or even $5,000 and after $3,000 I will have enough to get into a studio or maybe a 1 Bedroom and stop being homeless. I can then abandon food stamps if I get them and focus on MAKING MONEY. That is what made America Great it is still the land where you can start a service business and do it without a license luckily in the service industry I am in.

The Internet is still the wild west and anyone can start a Internet Marketing and Design company without a business license. As long as you don’t have an office for companies to visit which none would do in this area, you can pass out business cards and say you do IM and Web Design work.

So to me America may still be GREAT since I’m not lazy and while my injuries give me some pain from eight bad discs I suffered in my accident, I am still able to walk around Broward and take a bus and drum up business.

AMERICA IS GREAT in that it has opportunity but AMERICA SUCKS in how it treats the poor and homeless.

Time to stop being HOMELESS AND WORK for myself since there are no companies that offer a person such as myself a real good paying job.


That is what is great about it.

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Diary of John Doe

a Homeless Man in

Fort Lauderdale Florida

Day 6 (really day 380)

April 1st 2017

By John Doe a Homeless Man

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Today my EBT card came in so I have $194 for food this month. If I had a kitchen and refrigerator and ate a lot of rice, beans and pasta it might be enough. As a HOMELESS MAN with no home nor kitchen nor refrigerator my food needs to be eaten as soon as I buy it and much of what I buy such as a rotisserie chicken is not able to be bought with food stamps. So hot prepared food is a not allowed. Homeless people are being discriminated against with food stamps, we need more than $194 a month and to be able to buy HOT FOOD like a cooked chicken.

I pawned a few of the few personal items I had left today, so I now have enough cash on hand to start a business.

I pawned my watch and golf clubs and a few digital toys from years ago.

So my meager startup now has a paltry $500.00 to use to give the illusion I have a business.

$50.00 went to a decent smart phone and with it I now have constant internet access and a number companies can call to hire me on contract rates.

I put $100 down on a mailing address for my new venture and I started a Google Map for it so I will appear in local searches after they mail me a postcard to verify my business address is real.

I put $10 bucks into a domain name and a friend is giving me some free server space on their cloud network so now I am designing my business website to show off my Web Design skills and some of the hundreds of sites I’ve designed over the years are now in my ‘portfolio’.

I ordered via eBay 1000 double-sided UV coated postcards so I will be able to leave them with prospective clients or businesses in Broward County. There is at least 25 commercial zones I can easily reach with the adequate bus system that Broward has. It could actually be better than a car, since I can walk easily from strip center and office building without having to find a parking spot and keep moving a car.

This way too, I can eyeball the real potential clients by going out and seeing who has a legitimate business so I’m not wasting time on BS like cold calling on the phone.

If I find over $1300 in profit in a month, I will have to report a change. However, a business can write off all expenses and I may need an office and I might actually get a cheap office from earnings and that can be temporarily my shelter.

Right now my business expenses are $50.00 a month for a phone and $25.00 a month for a mailing address. My site is hosted for free for now due a friend gave me some space for me for now and even for early clients. So eventually that will be another expense, having a server for me to host my clients on.

My friend owns a huge cloud network and he can give me a killer server with lots of IP addresses for only $300 a month. That will give me one of the fastest hosting servers around. His network has under 1 second page open times for nice large 2MB sized WordPress sites. So when I’m speaking to professionals with existing websites I can show them speed test sites where their cheap shared hosting network will be usually over 3 seconds and some up to 10 seconds such as the cheap servers Godaddy uses.

In the age of instant internet, people expect websites to be like Google, Facebook and Twitter and all are under 1 second to open. However, most businesses are slow with 3 seconds to 6 seconds page open speeds. After 1 Second you lose 2.5% of users due to speed so at 2 seconds you have lost 25% of potential business. At 3 seconds you have lost almost 50% of potential new users or clients.

So imagine a lawyer paying $100 a click now for PPC ads with Google adwords and his site opens up at 3 second, that means 50% of the clicks he buys at $100 a click are not even seeing his site. This is why many small local businesses don’t even bother with Google and PPC, they do not have the speed to make it work let alone a modern responsive site that can show say on tablets and smartphones.

I know some companies with old style non-responsive sites and slow servers are wasting a fortune on Google adwords and that will be the focus of my new company to help those already spending money with Google maximize results and see a far better ROI from their IM (Internet Marketing).

So now MY FUTURE is in my hands and I am living the American Dream.

Trump wants to make America Great AGAIN.

Well in my opinion, AMERICA IS GREAT.

The reason is you can start your own business with very little money and nothing but the DESIRE TO WORK.

America is not about having a JOB, it is about CREATING YOUR JOB and that is what I am now forced to do.

I’ve looked high and low to get a good paying job in South Florida for a tech geek with a huge amount of experience.

If this was Silicon Valley my skills for a big tech company would make me over $100,000 a year easily, since my skills are things that HELP A BUSINESS MAKE MONEY.

So now I will sell my skills to local small businesses that cannot afford to pay a real tech guru over $100,000 a year to really help them with their technology needs relating to modern IM (Internet Marketing).

If I had no such skills, I would have learned a trade or craft in my youth and I would have a plumbing or roofer business or be a mechanic, I chose technology and now I AM FORCED TO CREATE MY OWN TECH JOB.

Will it succeed? It will since I can do what some Charge as much as $5,000 for as to a high end website and I’m willing to take as low as $500 now IF they agree to pay me a residual income.

Within a short time I will make over the $1,300 a month the state lists as the minimum threshold I need to make before I have to update my EBT account. I will only be TOO HAPPY to tell the state I no longer need their tiny hand out that is not enough to feed a real homeless person such as I am.

The reason I say AMERICA IS GREAT is that it is and always was THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY. The problem is as a society it is populated with people that could care less about the homeless and the government does not support the homeless properly. I know, I AM HOMELESS and yet I now have a business, a website and business cards to solicit businesses to contract with me to supply much needed services.

If I didn’t have these skills I know I would have had a trade instead of a tech based skill set. If I was an immigrant with no trade skills or tech skills I would be handing out cards to clean offices and washing windows of strip centers or buying a lawn mower and trimmer to do lawn maintenance.

That is what makes AMERICA GREAT, you are not limited in what you CHOOSE TO DO for your living.

The key to America being GREAT is not expecting a big company to give you a job and a livable wage, they will not do that. You can MAKE YOUR WAGE by choosing what you want to be your career.

I have no real assets, only my tech skills i learned over decades of being involved in tech companies.


Soon I will have clients and I will pay $150 to incorporate my new company and open a real business account.

If I don’t open enough to get into a studio or 1 Bedroom apartment right away, it just may be a rent a small office I can put an air bed into. Spend all day on the bricks talking to potential clients and have a secure place to sleep until I can afford a studio or 1 Bedroom.

My experience the past week writing this Diary only showed me what IS GREAT ABOUT AMERICA, it is GREAT due to it expects you to WORK.

If I was mentally ill and had no skills sure I could go to a shelter and have my stuff stolen and enter the endless cycle of being reliant on the state.

By seeing first hand how badly the system reacts to a HOMELESS MAN has only motivated me to START MY OWN COMPANY.

By seeing first hand how bad the wages are for tech jobs in South Florida has only motivated me to START MY OWN TECH COMPANY.

As long as I can show a portfolio of sites I helped to create in the past are did entirely on my own, I can prove to any owner I AM GOOD and when I justify what such sites are $5,000 to really create, then let the owner say what it is worth to them. I can do sites all day long for $500 that are worth easily $5,000.

I can create Adwords accounts properly so a local company is not buying the fraud that Google has known as Partners and not running keywords wild so they over buy and also zone it properly. I can make any companies phone RING.

I know several guys that do what I do and all of them have 1/10th the ability I have. None of them are willing to pay me a fair wage, the reason is they can get cheap labor to do sites they don’t even know how to do themselves that I know how to do.

So I am now JOHN DOE BUSINESS OWNER and it took almost nothing for me to have what is needed to do business today in the wild west of Internet Marketing.

There are no business licenses needed for a company such as this.

I don’t have a retail store for clients to come to me.

In such a Business to Business (B2B) company all you need is a phone number and a website and ambition to knock on doors or do TM (Telemarketing) and in my opinion TM is not how to build this type of company. Let owners see I am a mature man that KNOWS HIS BUSINESS and I know IM and the Net.

So business owners in Fort Lauderdale I am available to HIRE on MY TERMS and I don’t do work by the hour. I will give you a BID for my services.

This is why I say a website should go for $5,000

5 Page Website in a responsive full width theme using WordPress $500 or $100 a page.

5 pages of onsite SEO to make it index properly is $1000 since SEO gurus make triple what a Web Designer makes.

Custom contact form $250

Stick header for navigation a custom script $250

Full Width Slider with stock images for navigation $500

Integration to top 4 Social Media Network $500

WPO Website Performance Optimization custom work to tweak WordPress Core to make fast $1,000

Setup a cloud bucket to give a site the speed of major internet Companies $1,000

That’s $5,000 piece by piece and if you have that you have a killer business website that is opening under 1 second and getting you results.

If you want a PPC guru that’s me it’s $1,000 for me to setup adwords properly so Google is not ripping you off and I will mange the account for 33% of your monthly budget that is the going rate for PPC Gurus.

So with PPC setup that’s a $6000 tech job for real and I can do it for $1,000 or $2,000 or $3,000 or whatever discount it takes.

My new site has a package for$6000 now and I have setup discount codes, so I can take a client to it and order online. When they say wow 6K I can’t afford that, okay what discount do you need TODAY.

I can discount 10% to 90% with preset discount codes.

The person pays online through Paypal an account I’ve had for years and it even has SUBSCRIPTION terms for monthly services such as cloud hosting and minimum PPC account fees. I also have a monthly subscription for organic SEO and it is expensive.

I even created an AFFILIATE PROGRAM for my new business and it already has autopost to social media and the new social media accounts are already attracting followers and within a week it will have a nice KLOUT Score so I can takeover top spots in social media for what I do.

How big will new company grow in the next year or two? It will grow as big as my desire and ambition makes it grow.


Fuck you Donald Trump, you can’t make America Great with Jobs, AMERICA IS GREAT RIGHT NOW due to the fact a HOMELESS MAN like me can with almost no money create a NEW BUSINESS and now my future is in my hands not the governments.

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