Do you remember Franny? Zoo Miami says goodbye to its ‘most beloved goat ever’

Franny is gone.

In a statement calling the Saanen goat “arguably the most beloved goat to ever be part of our family,” Zoo Miami spokesman Ron Magill broke the sad news that the animal has died. She was 15 years old.

Zoo Miami put Franny to sleep Thursday when it became clear her debilitating arthritis had significantly advanced to the point the goat could barely stand without severe pain.

Franny 6.jpg

Franny the goat rests at her exhibit during her eight-year stay at Zoo Miami.

Courtesy Ron Magill Zoo Miami

Over the last few months, zoo vets and staff used a combination of medications and therapy to help ease her pain, as well as modifying her exhibit area to reduce stress on her joints and aid movement. But the arthritis proved too advanced for the Greatest of All Time.

“She transitioned peacefully surrounded by those who loved her,” Magill said.

Franny was born at Minnesota Zoo on April 2, 2003, and she’s been a popular fixture at the Southwest Miami-Dade zoo since December 2010.