Don’t go to the gas station if you have more than half a tank before Irma comes, expert says

If you have half a tank of gas, don’t clog up gas lines, one expert says.

“If you have more than half a tank I think you can wait. That’s roughly about 200 miles and that can get you pretty far,” said Ned Bowman, executive director of the Florida Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association, which represents the interests of 97 percent of Florida’s gas stations and convenience stores.

As more gas stations in South Florida run out of gas, trucks are still making their way with deliveries. Bowman said truck drivers are having a hard time getting into the stations because of long lines and panicked drivers.

“If everyone holds on and doesn’t panic, I think you’ll be fine,” Bowman added.

It’s still unclear when trucks will stop making deliveries. Most fuel in South Florida comes through Port Everglades, PortMiami and Port of Palm Beach. Congestion is making it more difficult for trucks to make their way to gas stations.

The ports, the Coast Guard, and emergency management officials will decide when its unsafe for fuel shipments to arrive at the ports.

Fuel supplies are already limited due to Hurricane Harvey and the impact it had on the Houston area and its refineries.

“There’s never a good time for a hurricane, but this is the one-two punch,” said Denton Cinquegrana, an analyst for the Oil Price Information Service told the South Florida Business Journal.