Drunk man in car on South Beach had 5 loaded guns and a bullet-resistant vest, cops say

A South Dakota man was arrested in South Beach early Thursday with five loaded handguns, an automatic weapon, a bullet-resistant vest and a pocketknife with a swastika, police say.

Sioux Falls resident David Goldammer, 32, sits in Miami-Dade County Jail on charges of DUI, carrying a concealed weapon and openly carrying a weapon.

An arrest report says officers found a South Dakota concealed pistol permit with peeling lamination. Miami Beach Police Spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez said officers had no way of validating the old laminated permit with its edges peeling. And, if it turns out the permit is legal, investigators are looking into whether Miami Beach has reciprocal laws with South Dakota.

“His weapons were not concealed and not holstered,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said investigators are trying to determine what Goldammer was doing in South Beach and that he didn’t offer any indication he was living there.

“He wasn’t very co-operative with the investigation,” Rodriguez said.

He said Miami Beach detectives are now working with intelligence and ATF agents to find out “why he had the weapons and what his intentions might have been.”

David Goldammer.JPG

David Goldammer in his Miami-Dade Corrections mugshot

Miami Beach cops say Goldammer came to their attention because his Ford F350 pickup truck was blocking the Ocean Court alley at Fourth Street around 1:40 a.m. The engine was running, but Goldammer wasn’t driving, an arrest report said. Goldammer “was slouched to his right side with his head leaning toward his right shoulder,” according to the arrest report, which also noted liquid stains on his shirt.

Officers say the pickup truck exuded a strong odor of alcohol once Goldammer rolled down the window. They spotted two bottles of Yeungling beer, one empty and one partially consumed, in the center console. Also lying on the center console: “two unholstered black firearms.”

After watching Goldammer almost fall as he stepped out of the truck, the report says, cops patted him down and found a loaded .357 Magnum revolver in his front waistband. He refused to do field sobriety tests, according to police.

The charges were not for the long gun, but for the two handguns found in the console and the one in his waistband. It’s not illegal to own a semi-automatic rifle. But it’s illegal to open carry in Florida — and as far as police could tell, he did not have a concealed weapons permit.

They’re looking into whether the rifle was stolen or how it was acquired.