Ex-Doral mayor isn’t giving up his view of Donald Trump’s golf course

Ex-Doral mayor Luigi Boria may be ditching his house on the Trump National Doral golf course, but he won’t be going far away.

Boria recently listed his zero lot-line, four-bedroom home at Doral Estates at $880,000, Gossip Extra first reported.

However, records show Boria purchased two condos in Downtown Doral late last year — one of them a penthouse — which also have views of President Donald Trump’s glitzy golf resort as well as Doral City Hall.

The Doral Estates home is across the road from his new residences — a two-bedroom condo and a three-bedroom top-floor suite at 5300 Paseo Blvd.

Property records show the condos are owned by one of Boria’s registered corporations, TSN Properties, LLC. The purchase price for his penthouse on the 20th floor was $809,000; his condo on the 12th floor was bought for $475,700. It is unclear whether he is renting one of the units; he has not filed a homestead exemption on either.

Boria did not return calls from the Miami Herald on Friday.

Boria’s luxury condos are planted in the center of Downtown Doral, a master planned community with 2,840 homes, plus shops, restaurants, and other commercial and office space.