Ex-South Broward High Band Director Accused of Sex Battery of Student

A former band teacher at a South Florida school is accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old student.

Ricardo Emanuel Esquilin, a former band teacher and band director at South Broward High School, was arrested Wednesday on a charge of sexual battery by a custodian of a victim over 12 and under 18, according to a Hollywood Police arrest report.

The report said Esquilin, 28, engaged in a sexual relationship with the teen between the beginning of November and the end of December, saying it started while she was having a difficult time with her boyfriend.

“[Esquilin] was talking with her as a mentor and consoling her during her break up with her boyfriend,” the report said.

Esquilin would take the teen off campus in his car to get ice cream and talk, and the two started going places after band practice, the report said.

The report said the two engaged in sex acts multiple times in the band room at school, in his car, at the home he shares with his mother and at the teen’s house. They also exchanged text messages about meeting for sex, and discussed their age difference multiple times, the report said.

The teen told investigators Esquilin even gave her pills to take to ensure she wouldn’t get pregnant, the report said.

“He provided her with three to four ‘Plan B’ pills not because she thought she was pregnant stating ‘he just wanted to make sure,'” the report said.

Esquilin has been a band teacher at the school for about two years and was band director for about one year, the report said.

The report said a second alleged victim came forward in January to say she also had a sexual relationship with Esquilin four years earlier when she was a 16-year-old student at South Broward. Esquilin wasn’t an employee at the time but was involved in a community musical group that used the South Broward facilities to practice, the report said. That case remains under investigation.

Esquilin was being held without bond Thursday, Broward jail records showed. Attorney information wasn’t available.