Family, Friends Attend Vigil for Teen Hero in Near Drowning

Preparations began early Sunday for a vigil honoring 17-year-old Christian Burgos, who lost his life trying to save a mother and son from drowning earlier this week.

Friends and family expressed their admiration for what they say was a heroic effort, but they all agreed he passed away too soon.

Burgos died Wednesday after jumping into strong currents to help a 25-year-old mother and her 9-year-old son, who were struggling to swim in the fierce water. Burgos ended up also getting caught in the current and was pulled out by two bystanders.

The incident, which happened Monday, caused Burgos to fall into a coma. On Wednesday, he was pronounced dead, according to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Funeral services for Burgos were put on hold, as family tried to bring his father over from Nicaragua. Burgo’s father was deported six months ago .

He attempted to get an emergency tourist visa for his son’s funeral, but a spokesperson for City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez says he was denied.

The mayor’s office is now saying it’s doing everything it can to bring the father over.

“We are hoping that immigration can maybe give the father a humanitarian visa so he could say his last goodbye to his son…we are not promising the family a definite yes, but what we are promising the family is that we are doing everything we can.”