FBI tracks down bank robbery suspect dressed like a punkish senior citizen

As everyone who saw “GoodFellas” knows, the “don’ts” after a big heist include: Don’t keep the evidence around, especially the vehicle, and don’t make large purchases.

Perhaps Hollywood’s Abraham Maghen never saw the movie. According to the federal indictment, the 24-year-old held onto evidence while dropping cash by the thousands after robbing two banks.

The FBI says they tracked Maghen down after a May 2 robbery of a Pembroke Pines Chase Bank branch and Tuesday’s robbery of a Boca Raton TD Bank branch.

The Chase robber entered 710 N. University Dr. around 12:30 p.m. wearing a head getup to resemble a senior citizen with punk hair and sunglasses. The criminal complaint says the robber placed a note on the teller window that claimed, “This is a robbery. I’m listening to a police scanner. Do not try anything or I will shoot you in the stomach.”

With this claim bolstered by what appeared to be a semi-automatic handgun, the teller asked how much the robber wanted. The robber put up 10 fingers. The teller produced $10,000.

Earlier on May 2, the complaint says, Maghen made two withdrawals from his Chase account totalling $627.90, causing his account to be overdrawn by $1,200. Hours after the robbery, the Seminole Police Department said, Maghen dropped $2,755 at Hollywood’s Hard Rock Casino in 55 minutes. He made a $2,500 cash deposit in his Chase Bank account the next day, May 3.

And, the landlady from whom he rented his room noted to authorities, Maghen made several online purchases while lacking steady employment.

My grandson is sick. I need $40,000 now.” note to a TD Bank branch teller during Tuesday’s robbery in Boca Raton

On Tuesday, a week after the Chase Bank robbery, a robber with a senior citizen mask entered the TD Bank at 1371 W. Palmetto Park Rd. Boca Raton. The demand note, compared to the Chase Bank robbery note, appealed more to the heart: “My grandson is sick. I need $40,000 now.”

After the robber impatiently yelled, “Hurry up! He’s going to die!” the teller handed over $1,800 with a GPS tracking device.

The GPS tracking device got dumped behind the Publix less than a block away. Surveillance cameras at the Publix and a Benjamin Moore paint store caught a light blue Hyundai behind the Publix at the same time the GPS signalled its position in the garbage bin behind the supermarket.

According to the criminal complaint, the Hyundai’s license plate led the FBI to a home in the 2600 block of North 66th Street in Hollywood. Maghen came out for a cigarette puff. Agents chatted him up and he admitted to being in Boca earlier, but for graffiti removal.

After the property owner gave them permission to enter the home, the FBI claimed to spot from the doorway of his room a police scanner with two sets of earbuds. Among the many tabs open on the computer screen was one to a Palm Beach TV station report on something having to do with “bank.”

The laptop’s history, upon search warrant execution later on Tuesday, told of following news of the day’s TD Bank branch robbery and searches for a bank robbery note website. There was a Styrofoam head of the kind used in making masks and latex gloves of the type the Chase Bank robber used. There was also the paperwork for a space at a University Drive Public Storage, just 59 minutes after the Chase Bank robbery.

An NBC6 report says Maghen is a fired financial advisor who admitted to the U.S. Magistrate Judge Wednesday he’s “not very good at finances.”

, but left himself open on the back end, got spanked by the FBI.